I haven’t been running very much for the past year due to runner’s knee, but I also haven’t been as motivated to run. Perhaps it’s because of the pain that it can lead to. Or the fun I’m having doing other workouts.

Or perhaps it’s because running in the city can be a pain in the ass.

Well, not totally. If you live close to the Lakefront Trail, it’s great!! 20 miles of pretty much uninterrupted trail with some of the best views anywhere!


I don’t live that far from the Lakefront Trail. Only about two miles. But considering most of my runs as of late are 3-5 miles, it’s too far. I can run to the lake and immediately turn around. Or I can get myself to the lake by other means – take the bus, take a Divvy (without a helmet, because what would I do with that while running?), or drive, which means dealing with parking. When the run itself will take under an hour, spending the extra 20-30+ minutes to drive/bus/bike doesn’t seem worth it.

So, that leaves me with running from my front door (of the buildings that I live or work in). Which means pedestrians. Intersections. Stop lights. Busy roads with no sidewalks. Broken glass and other litter. Uneven sidewalks. Dogs. “Undesirables” (aka creepy dudes). I love my neighborhood and all, but it’s not the greatest for running. What Chicago neighborhood is though?

City, suburban or rural, what annoys you about running where you live?