What to do with all these herbs, part 3

Part 1 – Pesto
Part 2 – Middle Eastern Salad, Marinade

My herbs are still growing well, although they are either recovering from my husband taking care of them while I was in Boston, or the summer is winding down, or some of them could stand to be re-potted. Or all of the above.


Fresh herbs are great for drinks! Mint goes well in mojitos, and if you’re out of white rum, Sailor Jerry can make a spiced mojito. Not my fave, but I’m not a Sailor Jerry fan. (My husband is, which is why we have it on hand.)

IMG_8991 IMG_8993

I’M READY FOR MY CRAFT COCKTAIL BAR. Fresh ginger + mint + lemon + tequila + crushed ice = Ginger Lemon Mint Smash (working on the name). It was pretty great.

IMG_9157  IMG_9152

I recently bought a bunch of artichokes, for myself really, because my husband isn’t a fan. Even with garlic-herb-butter dipping sauce. I put fresh garlic, sage, thyme, oregano, melted butter, olive oil and salt in my Magic Bullet and it was tasty.

IMG_9158 IMG_9159

I ate two of the artichokes in one sitting.

I didn’t take pictures of it (what??) but I recently attempted a variation of a Chimichurri marinade and used it on chicken. Maybe I’ll try again with skirt steak and the correct parsley:oregano ratio. I don’t remember which recipe I used, and I didn’t follow it very well. But it was good. Do you have a good chimichurri recipe?

And now I’m at the point of the summer where I have a ton of tomatoes. Some from my little garden, from my father-in-law, and from my CSA share. I plan to make my first attempt at pasta sauce. Any recommendations on recipes or tips?

I also have a ton of potatoes because the couple we typically split our CSA share with is going out of town and said we could keep the entire box to ourselves. Any tips to store them so they last a little bit longer? Or recipes? Be my Google, readers.

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4 Comments on “What to do with all these herbs, part 3”

  1. I’m with your husband on the whole artichoke thing. Unless it’s spinach, artichoke, cheese dip. Then I’m down.

    As for potatoes, um….mashed potatoes? They keep pretty well. Might even be able to freeze them. Or turn them into potato bread. I’ve never done it myself but it looks pretty simple.

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