Looking Specsy with Firmoo

I love rocking my glasses. I like to think of them as face jewelry. And who doesn’t like to have options when it comes to jewelry and other accessories?

Earlier in the year, Firmoo reached out to offer a free pair of specs, and I gladly took them up on the offer! I already had a pair of black-rimmed glasses from my eye doc, so I went with tortoise-shell frames.


Because a gal needs options.

I’m very pleased with how these turned out. It can be hard to purchase frames online, even with the virtual try-on, you don’t really know how they’ll look until they arrive. But I am quite pleased with how these look, and the quality is fantastic. And now I have an option for when I wear brown or navy blue but not black.

Firmoo contacted me again a few months later, offering up another pair of glasses of my choosing. This time I asked about sunglasses. I don’t know about the rest of you bespectacled folks, but sunglasses can be a challenge. I can either find sunglasses to wear over my glasses (awkward), or wear just sunglasses and deal with my poor vision, or deal  with the glaring sun (which can be hard from someone with light-ish eyes, like me). Or of course wear contacts and it’s a non-issue, but I prefer to wear glasses and save the contacts for workouts and special occasions.

Anywho, while the selection was limited for a comp pair, I was able to order a pair of prescription sunglasses. I ended up going with tortoise-shell frames again, with brown tint.

Guys …  this is a total game changer.


I really should have ponied up the money sooner, but it can be pricey to order prescription sunglasses on top of my normal glasses AND contact lenses. But I am so pleased with these glasses, the quality is great yet again, and I love wearing just one pair of glasses and not being blinded by the sun or deal with contact lenses that eventually start to irritate my eyes.

And in reality … it’s not that expensive. Firmoo has tons of prescription sunglasses available for $39 (plus shipping and any add-ons), so even when my prescription changes yet again, I can order a new pair for under $50. They also offer lots of discounts, so definitely sign up for their email list!

Firmoo offered me the glasses above for free and has asked that I review them. Opinions are my own. 

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  1. I, too, was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked my Firmoo glasses that I ordered after I got a discount code from Valerie at The Style Files! They don’t fit perfectly but considering I have a really difficult time finding glasses that fit my face in stores, let alone using virtual try-on, I think they work really well.

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