Three Things Thursday – Truly Random


Hell or High Watermelon by 21st Amendment Brewery is my favorite beer this summer. It’s not too fruity, and light enough to be quite refreshing after a hard, sweaty workout. Have you tried it?? What’s your favorite post-workout beer? Or your favorite summer beer? I also enjoy Summer Shandy.


When I was living in the south burbs and trekking into Chicago for races with Kelly, we would part in our “secret $2 lot” near Polk & Wells. Sadly, that lot is no more 🙁  NBD for me, I can Divvy to races in Grant Park, but sucks for my south burbs friends.


I got this “leg makeup” (OMG what) from Influenster, but I’m going to be honest … I’ll never use this. If you want it, send your mailing address to and it’s yours. If not, uh, do you think I can mix it with facial moisterizer for DIY CC cream?

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10 Comments on “Three Things Thursday – Truly Random”

  1. Oh geez! Thanks for the update on the parking lot! That’s where I would park (I was the one that informed Kelly! lol). Crap!

    1. I have found it at Target and I believe Mariano’s. I’m sure Binny’s has it too. Robert was the one who originally bought it and it’s been my go-to all summer.

  2. My running group recently discovered that the fast training groups have post-run beers, and since they clearly know what they’re doing, we decided we should follow suit (and add post-run bagels/pita chips/muffins/zucchini bread/cookies/bananas/cantaloupe, because when we socialize, we go HARD. Haha.). Anyway, last week someone brought Hell or High Watermelons, and holy smokes, I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many people rave about a particular beer in my life. They all said the same thing – it’s not overly sweet (which apparently is a good thing…? Haha. If I’m going to drink beer, I like it to taste absolutely nothing like beer, so I let them have their beers and filled up on bagels instead) and they thought it was perfect after a run.

  3. Ahhh, I’ve run past that lot at Polk and Wells before, not knowing that it used to be your secret lot!!! What a bummer that it is closing permanently. =(

    I don’t think I understand how Influenster works. I signed up and have been getting all kinds of notifications about that leg makeup, but I never received a sample? But yeah, I’m with you that I wouldn’t use it anyways. Who comes up with these products, right?

  4. I’d use the leg makeup in theory, because I have some spiders that I wouldn’t mind covering up for a fancy occasion or something. But I can barely remember to put on lotion most mornings, so I doubt makeup would happen.

    I had a watermelon saison by Lake Effect the other day that was really tasty. In general, a saison is my favorite summer beer. Begyle had a rhubarb saison that I really enjoyed last summer, though not sure if I’ll make it back down there to get a growler full of it this year.

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