Weekend of First World Problems

This weekend was supposed to be so rad!

Friday was one of my Summer Fridays – meaning I could leave at 2pm. And for once, I actually did!! I had big plans to take a SUPYO stand-up paddleboard yoga class at North Ave beach. Except it was windy and it wasn’t safe and the class was canceled. Bummer.

It wasn’t too late to sign up for a class at CrossTown Fitness.


That class kicked my butt! So I undid all the damage from the class (that’s how that works, yes?) by re-fueling, Pilsen-style.


Tacos & Churros

On Saturday morning, I woke up in pain. I guess I slept weird on my shoulder? It hurt. A lot. I mowed down some ibuprofen, because I had plans to check out the hot dog festival at Schubas.


The hot dog fried in an egg roll wrapper (top left) was my fave. The hot dog festival was tasty, but between the heat and my shoulder, I was kind of miserable and didn’t stay very long.

That night we had plans to go to the Lollapalooza after show at Thalia Hall to see Gogol Bordello. It would have been an awesome show! But my shoulder pain got worse. Despite taking way more than the directed dose of ibuprofen*, I was miserable and brought to tears by the pain. So we skipped it. Whomp whomp.

Worked for IUD cramps, but not this. Go figure. I got worried it was something more serious, and consulted Dr Google which is never a good idea.

Thankfully, I felt a bit better Sunday morning. But my husband got called into work. Which is not rare, since getting his new job, he’s frequently had to work over the weekend.

And upside, this arrived 

Definitely into at least one of those things. 

Anyway, this is so not the Summer of Us. Oh well. We’re not hot weather people. We’ll make it up in the fall… hopefully.

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10 Comments on “Weekend of First World Problems”

  1. I had a rotator cuff injury a while back that brought me to tears too. (And it was weird, no “oh shit I just hurt myself” moment but woke up in a lot of pain the next day.) Easy to do, difficult recovery though. If it is the rotator cuff make sure you see a doctor!

    1. Thanks, now I’m Googling rotator cuff injuries. Although this is better than the brief few moments that I thought it could be some kind of internal infection and I’d have to get my arm amputated. Or that it was a blood clot.

  2. Boo! I was really interested to hear about your SupYo class! Hopefully you can do it soon! Hope your shoulder feels better ASAP too. I hate those rando injuries that pop up out of no where.

  3. Ugh, so sorry to hear about your shoulder! I had a somewhat similar experience last year – was literally sitting at my desk at work, not doing anything, when I realized my chest/shoulder hurt. That lasted a lovely three months (though admittedly, had I quit dancing, it probably would’ve gone away a lot faster). Ibuprofen made zero difference, no matter how much I took. I still don’t *really* know what happened–I was told a brachial plexus injury by my not-at-all-reliable doctor and a pec strain by my sports doctor (who I trusted, so we treated it as a pec strain, and I continued to directly deposit my paychecks into my physical therapist’s billing department. Or so it felt 😛 )–but I, too, was convinced I had a blood clot. I’m still alive, so I assume it wasn’t, but it was a pretty scary experience (and frustrating, too).

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