Jolly July


Keep up with PT exercises. This didn’t happen, OK? PT exercises are boring, OK? Plus, I have barely been running but still feeling the occasional knee tenderness when doing other things and I’m annoyed by that. So yeah, I’m not very motivated.

Weekly yoga. I made it to 2 classes, one at YogaSix and one during a special Women’s Forum event on the roofdeck at the W Lakeshore.


I’m in the very back corner

104 strength workouts. I did 11! Werk. Some “repeat” studios that I know I love (CrossTown Fitness, Shred415, On Your Mark, Go Row), some new-to-me (Wattage, Studio Lagree, On The Go, ENERGi). All via ClassPass of course.


1,000 miles. 39 miles. I’m so not hitting this goal this year, but oh well. I did make it to my first group run in a long time – Grit & Sole Fun Run at Live Grit.

Art & Culture:

Perform again. I already hit this goal in May.

Read 18 books. I might actually hit this goal for the year! I finished 3 books this month.

I read We Were Liars, and attended the book club meeting. This book was OK. A quick summer read.

I also read The Girl on the Train, which was for another book club, but the meeting was earlier in the spring … but my library hold didn’t come up until July. I got wrapped up in this story but hated the ending. Hated how it seemed to gloss over some serious social issues. And I thought the end was so unimaginative. I thought I had figured it out, and it would have been far more interesting, to me at least, had I been right.

But THEN!!! I read The Martian which was fantastic! I’m really looking forward to the movie coming out in the fall, and not just because Matt Damon’s the star.

I also attended a book club meeting for The All-Girls Filling Station’s Last Reunion, which I read in June. The book club was in my condo complex, but I was surprised that I was the youngest one there… by at least 15 years. I’m guessing most of the people here my age are busy with babies and small children. Still a good group and nice to meet neighbors.


Book club by the lake for We Were Liars

Attend at least one art-related thing per month. Failed.


Stop talking myself out of doing things. I finally checked out a fun run at Live Grit. It helped that it included a round of beer, even if it was Hamm’s. Keep an eye on Facebook if you want to join me for the August Beer Run.

Volunteer. We’re getting close to wrapping up our BVA project with the Audience Architects.

Decrease our debt. Still working on it. It’s a long road ahead.

How was your July? Do anything fun? I on-boarded four new co-workers, and my new boss started. 

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