Three Things Thursday: More Class Pass

I’ve been getting back into the swing of regular workouts, thanks to ClassPass. This really is the ideal workout format for me. I love group classes. I don’t normally push myself hard enough when working out alone, and without the fee for late cancellations, it’s really easy to skip workouts because I have a lot of work to do or I’m tired. So ClassPass motivates me to stick with my workout plans.

Also, Stand-Up Paddleboarding as come to ClassPass!! I’m planning to take advantage of tomorrow’s Summer Friday at work and try SUPYO at ChicagoSUP tomorrow.

Anywho, here are recent some new-to-me workouts and studios:

wattageWattage Metabolic Class at Wattage: This studio is in the West Loop. Or maybe West Town. Not really sure where the border is. Anyway, I showed up for class after work on a very lovely Thursday. And … I was the only one who signed up. The instructor took me through his planned HIIT workout, and without being able to hide behind anyone else, I pushed through, doing the reps as assigned. At some point during our 4th set of drills … I was done. I went outside to get some air (and the instructor came with me, since we were the only two there), asked him how long we’d been working (45 mintues) and told him I had run out of gas. I could not do another kettlebell deadlift or sprint on the treadmill. So we stretched and I made my way to a Divvy station and slowly rode home. I need to go back and see if I can make it through a class. It was a great workout! I like to feel spent at the end, and boy did I.

66hj_703S.W.A.T. and Power Abs (2 classes) at Energi Fitness: S.W.AT.stands for Sweat, Work, Accelerate, Transform. And Power Abs is all core work. Both were HIIT formats, and each only 30 minutes long (I took them on different days). But we do a lot in those 30 minutes! Anyway, Energi offers a few 30-minute class options, which is great if you don’t have a lot of time, or if you’re need to HIIT and/or group workouts and not sure if you’ll make it through a class. This is a good way to ease in.  You can also take classes back-to back, and since they have 3 studios within their suite, it’s a good way to customize your workout.

68t4_466Kettlebell Bootcamp at OTG Boot Camp: Another 30-minute class, but again, we did a lot in those 30 minutes, and also spent time before and after reviewing proper form and stretching. Anyway, this class was all kettlebells. The class I attended was taught by a woman and had all women in class, so it was kind of cool to see so many women embrace lifting heavy things and getting stronger, especially after reading all the BS about professional female atheletes who don’t like to look too bulky or whatever dumb crap the New York Times tried to convince us is “normal.” Tangent, sorry. I’ll definitely be back to OTG to continue to lift heavy things.

As a ClassPass member, I’ve attended 32 classes during the three months  my membership has been active (I took a break in May-June). There have been a few classes I likely won’t repeat, but by and large, I’ve had some challenging yet enjoyable workouts!! If you’re a fellow ClassPasser, let me know if you’d like to make a date! 🙂

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