Whatever Wednesday

Maybe this is a new thing. I dunno. I didn’t feel like waiting for whenver “Thinking Out Loud” day was. Maybe it was Tuesday and I missed it.

I try to be all pro-all-the-body-images but I still have my struggles. I don’t know if it’s all of the targeted strengthening I’ve been doing to combat Emo Knee (read: strong, pronounced glutes), or if it’s just part of being in my 30’s, but I seem to be getting pear shaped, or at least, the way my clothes have been fitting me leads me to believe that. I’ve pretty much given up on pencil skirts and dresses with a similar cut. So it’s not really my body that I have a problem with but the stupid way they make women’s clothing. There. That’s the real problem.

I love “joggers” or whatever you call these pajama pants masquerading as work-appropriate attire. Apparenty I am not alone. Ladies, can we agree that these will just be on-trend forever?

Screen shot 2015-07-28 at 10.56.13 PM

The gal in the middle is my “work twin” – we have had the same job the entire time we’ve been with the company and have always sat next to each other, despite moving desks 3 times in 2 years … so basically we spend a lot of time together. Although she is super pleasant and I am basically Grumpy Cat, we get along really well (or she humors me). Anyway, this is not the first time we’ve showed up at the office dressed alike

I love hugs. My new boss started on Monday, and when she was coming around for introductions, and I saw her for the first time since her interview, my initial inclination was to hug her, but I remembered I was at work, so I didn’t … but then she moved in for the hug. So clearly we get along really well.

Don’t be like me. Be more comfortable with yourself so you can accept me doing the same. I’ve totally butched what I originally heard, but that’s something I heard over the weekend that I’m still rolling around in my head. The more I accept myself and live authentically, the more comfortable I can be with you doing the same. Wouldn’t it be great if the whole world lived like this?

What do you think of “joggers?” Oh wait, I don’t care, I love them. Same with maxi dresses. 

Do you ever hug your co-workers? I’ve also hugged my work twin many times. I also have a work husband if anyone cares about my family tree at the office. 

How has your body changed as you’ve aged? I mean, my metabolism or something is also different, WTF. I’m pretty sure I’m never going to gestate a child, so could my body stop changing to accomodate that? 

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5 Comments on “Whatever Wednesday”

  1. I could write an entire post on how my body image has changed throughout this pregnancy. And maybe I should. But I have a similar love for Maternity Jeans. Jeans with a comfy elastic band? Please let me wear them forever!

  2. I somehow missed the joggers trend. Never noticed those before but now that you mention it one of my colleagues in San Fran was wearing them yesterday. Not sure those are for me. I like solid bottoms. Always. My office is full of huggers. Got at least a dozen yesterday. I am not necessarily a hugger but I appreciate the warm feelings and greetings. I think I may be fitter than I was when I was 30 at the moment, but I have to work harder for it… and that fluff around the middle must be hidden!

  3. I’m a hugger and will hug everyone! It’s the way I grew up, but my husband family is the complete opposite. They make funny faces when I lean in to huge them. I’ve never bought joggers, but I’m obsessed with maxi dresses this summer.

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