Good news: my husband really likes my cooking

Originally this post was just going to be me pretending I have cooking skills.

My basil plant has been growing like crazy.


6 weeks ago, basil third from the right.


2 weeks ago, basil plant is the big bushy one on the bottom.

OK, so not just my basil plant has been growing really well. I’m not a green thumb at all. Because all of my indoor succulents? Dead or near death.

Anyway. Normally I just use basil for caprese salads and leave it at that. I’m not crazy about pesto, but, I figured I had all that basil, and I have a food processor, let’s give it a go.


It was almost too easy. I followed this recipe from Ina Garten. 


And holy cow you guys … fresh pesto is DELICIOUS.


A little pesto goes a long way, so there was a lot leftover. Tonight, I grilled some chicken with the plans of putting pesto on it.

Except when I looked in the fridge, while the chicken was already on the grill … my pesto was missing.

My husband was out for a run when I got home from my post-work workout. Het got home all sweaty and out of breath, and after letting him catch his breath and exchanging a few pleasantries asking about his run, I got right now to business.


Yeah, someone really enjoyed it and someone took it and some of the bread to work for his lunch. And someone left what’s left of it in the fridge at work. So someone (two someones) had to put generic A-1 on their chicken for dinner.

Anyway, so now I know what to do with all that basil. But what do I do with all that mint, oregano, sage, rosemary and thyme? Besides rewrite an old folk song?

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6 Comments on “Good news: my husband really likes my cooking”

  1. I LOVE pesto! I like to add it to a little mayo and put it on sandwiches too, if Robert lets you keep enough around for leftovers next time 😉 I also like to add roasted red peppers to it. Um yeah, pesto is awesome.

    Mint sounds like you need to make some mojitos! I honestly have no idea what to do with fresh mint other than that, and maybe garnishing things.

    Fresh rosemary, you could just dry it yourself for future use. Or put it on roasted potatoes, pork… probably other stuff too.

    1. Oh believe me, I make a lot of mojitos 🙂

      I use the Rosemary a lot. On pretty much any meat and potatoes. I love lemon-Rosemary grilled salmon.

      It’s really the sage, oregano and thyme that I don’t really know what to do with.

  2. Pesto is the best! Your outdoor plants really look thriving! If you need another use for basil, you can make Thai Basil chicken. Basically, you just stir-fry ground chicken, basil, onions, garlic, fish sauce, soy sauce, and lime juice along with any other veggies that you like to add (I like to add mushrooms, diced red peppers, and shredded carrots).

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