One of my friends has been documenting her fitness journey on Instagram and Facebook. She’s been running and doing various strength and interval workouts. It’s pretty cool to see someone coming into their own in regards to fitness! Especially running! Yay running, amirite???!!! All runners love more runners, yes? Well apparently not, because she got the following private message after posting a pic with her most recent 3-mile run time:

You probably shouldn’t be bragging about that slow a$$ run time for 3 miles. With all the fitness stuff you claim you do, it’s slow as sh!t! Maybe wait until you’ve actually accomplished something next time you post about what a beast you are.

Um, excuse me? And she said she started following this person on Instagram because he’s an ultramarathoner and she thought he was inspirational. No, really … excuse me?? WTF is that??

I’ve always loved the running (and fitness) community because I always found it to be very encouraging. No matter who you are – beginner or super-fit – you are getting out there, working hard, and trying to improve. I always loved that veteran runners were always willing to offer advice and encouragement to anyone interested in taking it up. Furthermore, the running community always seemed encouraging no matter someone’s pace. Very often group runs have a “no runner (or run/walker) left behind” mentality.

So it really pisses me off that someone – an ultramarathoner at that – would criticize someone for being “slow.” Pace is relative. We all start somewhere. Very few people can get up off the couch and run “fast” for long distances from day one. And some of us get injured and have to bounce back … slowly.

IMG_8292 IMG_8294

These are my pics, not my friend’s, but if anyone cares, that 3.21-mile run took me 32:56, and that was with auto-pause at the intersections/water fountains. And I chased it with tacos and a strawberry-jalapeno margarita. 

This weekend was the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, which is basically a reminder to me that my last double-digit run was over a year ago, and a painful run at that. Heck, my last double-digit [running] week was in March – the last one before that in December. I’ve had TWO double-digit weeks in the past year. So, running three miles AT ALL is an accomplishment for me.

So for someone to chastise another runner for posting their 3-miler that wasn’t fast enough? Get the f*ck out. Seriously, turn in your Runner Card and get the f*ck out. We don’t want you here.