We were all beginngers [at least] once.

One of my friends has been documenting her fitness journey on Instagram and Facebook. She’s been running and doing various strength and interval workouts. It’s pretty cool to see someone coming into their own in regards to fitness! Especially running! Yay running, amirite???!!! All runners love more runners, yes? Well apparently not, because she got the following private message after posting a pic with her most recent 3-mile run time:

You probably shouldn’t be bragging about that slow a$$ run time for 3 miles. With all the fitness stuff you claim you do, it’s slow as sh!t! Maybe wait until you’ve actually accomplished something next time you post about what a beast you are.

Um, excuse me? And she said she started following this person on Instagram because he’s an ultramarathoner and she thought he was inspirational. No, really … excuse me?? WTF is that??

I’ve always loved the running (and fitness) community because I always found it to be very encouraging. No matter who you are – beginner or super-fit – you are getting out there, working hard, and trying to improve. I always loved that veteran runners were always willing to offer advice and encouragement to anyone interested in taking it up. Furthermore, the running community always seemed encouraging no matter someone’s pace. Very often group runs have a “no runner (or run/walker) left behind” mentality.

So it really pisses me off that someone – an ultramarathoner at that – would criticize someone for being “slow.” Pace is relative. We all start somewhere. Very few people can get up off the couch and run “fast” for long distances from day one. And some of us get injured and have to bounce back … slowly.

IMG_8292 IMG_8294

These are my pics, not my friend’s, but if anyone cares, that 3.21-mile run took me 32:56, and that was with auto-pause at the intersections/water fountains. And I chased it with tacos and a strawberry-jalapeno margarita. 

This weekend was the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, which is basically a reminder to me that my last double-digit run was over a year ago, and a painful run at that. Heck, my last double-digit [running] week was in March – the last one before that in December. I’ve had TWO double-digit weeks in the past year. So, running three miles AT ALL is an accomplishment for me.

So for someone to chastise another runner for posting their 3-miler that wasn’t fast enough? Get the f*ck out. Seriously, turn in your Runner Card and get the f*ck out. We don’t want you here.

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16 Comments on “We were all beginngers [at least] once.”

  1. Conversations about pace (UGH, I guess I’m happy with this 20 minute 5k) pretty much always annoy me because, as you said, it’s all relative. But wow, what an asshole. That would be so frustrating and disheartening to get a comment like that while just starting out running. Running is hard when you’re starting out! New runners should totally be proud of themselves and definitely don’t need jerks like this telling them otherwise.

  2. Wow. Just Wow. What a jerk. I can’t stand people like that. After a slew of injuries and now a 26# weight gain that I just can’t get under control (cuz I can’t stop shoving food in my face), I am slower than ever. I haven’t had a PR since before Michael was born and I probably never will again. That does not mean I enjoy running less, just that I’m at a different spot. I lost my “give a damn” about how fast I’m running and just go for the experience. I know I’m over weight. I know I’m slow. My issues, nobody else’s. If ultra bad boy doesn’t want to support your friend, maybe he should just “unfollow” her rather than be a dbag. People like that make us all look bad.

  3. In my experience, those runners in the upper echelons of the sport are the worst ones of all (them, and the crochety old men who have been running since the 1970s, back when no one else did this, back when this sport meant something, back when you had to be fast to be worth anything, blah blah blah. Go back to crying in your cotton Mayor Daley Marathon t-shirt, grandpa. No one wants your commentary.). They get so caught up in themselves and their accomplishments that they can’t respect that other people aren’t on their level. Goodness gracious, who cares?? Your friend obviously does not in any way pose anything even resembling a threat to this ultra runner, and what she does has NO impact on what he does or the validity of running/the sport in general. And even if it did, that doesn’t give him or anyone else the right to be a cyberbully about it. Live YOUR life, man, and don’t be such a tool about something that has nothing to do with you in any way.

    1. One of my co-workers at my old job was one of those “old school runners” – middle age guy closing in on 500 lifetime races who could still throw down 20-min 5K’s (maybe faster … I dunno, but it was fast). When I started running, I was almost embarrassed that he found out, because I felt like I was such a slow n00b in comparison. Nope! He totally took me seriously as a fellow runner, and as my times improved (we lived in the same area and did some of the same races), he would congratulate me, even though I would have been considered a “B” runner on his fast local running team (which I was way too intimated to join, even though he told me I was welcome to). So I was scared he’d be one of those old school fasties who felt running had to be competitive or it wasn’t worth it. And he may have had that kind of attitude within his own running club, but outside of that, he was totally nice and supportive to us “just having a good time” runners. (I was in the other local running club that had a “no runner left behind” mentality.)

  4. I don’t understand why people feel the need to even say anything like that! If you don’t like it…who cares! Good for your friend for getting out there. I’m fast to some people and definitely slower than others. It shouldn’t matter. Be encouraging. People can be disgusting human beings sometimes. She should out his instagram name!

  5. What an obvious signal of this guy’s own weaknesses and low self-esteem. He took out his negative energy on a woman who is doing WONDERFUL things for herself and doing it PUBLICLY! She should be lauded for her efforts. Frankly, I can’t even dream of doing that pace these days, but it won’t stop me from getting out there and doing my best, so come at me, BRO! 😛

  6. What a jerk! I can’t believe he would make such a rude comment. I don’t understand people who need to put others down to make themselves feel better. It’s sad.

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