Five Things Friday

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Left: My little balcony garden seems to be doing well. However, I managed to kill my indoor succulents. Maybe next time I should read up on how to care for succulents.

Right: Root veggies (many from our CSA box), garlic scapes (also from CSA box) and fresh herbs (from my balcony), wrapped in foil and grilled = yummmm.



How to fix wilted kale (also from my CSA box): Treat it like a flower. Trim the ends, put in water. And then put in the fridge.


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This month’s team building activity: Laser Tag. Also, the digital marketing team has doubled in the past year. Keep surfing the web, y’all.



Mag Mile Runner shopping on the Mag Mile. I had a gift card.

When I named this blog, I had zero connection to the Magnficient Mile, it was just a good tie between my name and Chicago and running. OK, I take that back, my alma mater has a campus off the Mag Mile. But I never really shopped there. Two years ago I started working for a company with a presence on the Mag Mile, and it is in my own best interest to shop where I work, so I actually try to make an effort to shop there when I need to update my wardrobe. Thank goodness for 4th of July sales. I stretched that gift card pretty far.


We spent our 4th of July where we always do, in the great (ha) state of Indiana, where fireworks are legal and I can sit in my friend’s backyard and watch basically a 40-minute grand finale being set off in the parkway a block away.


Where do you shop?
What did you do for the 4th?
What are you growing in your garden?
Does your office do social activities? 

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  1. Oooh your garden is so impressive! What all are you growing? I only tried my hand at flowers this year, but those have been quite successful (so far *knocks on wood*), and next year I’d like to try growing things I can eat in addition to things that look pretty.

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