Sweaty and Shaky at Studio Lagree

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Now that I’ve reactivated my ClassPass membership, it’s time to check out more new-to-me studios! This week I tried out new-to-Chicago Studio Lagree in Lincoln Park. According to their website, they are coming to the Gold Coast, and they also have a location in Highland Park and other cities in USA and Canada.

Studio Lagree uses the M3 Megaformer™ machines, like Pilates reformer machines built for HIIT workouts. I’ve used similar machines at Body R&D, and loved those workouts, so I was excited to check out Studio Lagree.

Class at Studio Lagree definitely did not disappoint. We worked our core, arms, legs, glutes, quads, hams (oy that was hard). I think my arms were recovering from the weights portion of the workout I did the night before at GoRow, because when holding planks, my core felt like it could keep going, but my arms did not.

Anyway, I like my workouts to be a sweaty, muscle-fatiguing, exhausting good time. Which is something I’ve always experienced on the Megaformer, Studio Lagree being no exception. I’m glad the they give us wipes at the end of class to wipe down equipment, because I was sweating all over my machine.

I’ll definitely be back, and hopefully the Gold Coast location will be on ClassPass!

You can see the Megaformers in action here:

Nobody asked me to write this post, I just really like this type of workout. 

Have you ever been on a Megaformer?

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  1. Thanks for sharing! They are one of my company’s tenants and I’ve been curious about them. I will definitely check them out!

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