One. My husband has been at his new job for almost a month, but won’t get his first paycheck until Monday. I’ve been keeping a mental list of the things I want to do as soon as he gets his first paycheck. I’m trying not to go crazy, but I desperately need a haircut, and I’m itching to reactivate my ClassPass membership. (Cheerobix is now on ClassPass, who wants to check it out soon??)

Two. The Corporate Challenge is the second race in a row that did not capture any official pictures of me. But a co-worker shared this.


Just like ZOOMA

Three. Earlier in the week, I checked the Dark Sky weather app before leaving the office, and it said I had 20 minutes until it was supposed to start raining. I thought that would be enough time to Divvy to the library to drop off my overdue book. I WAS SO VERY WRONG. I snapped this pic en route, because I liked how the building reflected blue skies in the east with gray clouds behind it …


… and then a few blocks later, it started sprinkling … and eventually turned into a downpour. I ended up removing my glasses because I couldn’t see through the rain drops on them (plus the sheets of rain falling in front of me), and could see better without them at all. Of course the Divvy station by the library was full, so I ended up riding home without dropping off the book. By the time I got home, it stopped raining. I went up to the roofdeck, but sadly, I didn’t even get to see a rainbow for my troubles. Pretty sunset though.


Four. I’ve been wearing Cover Girl Eyelights Mascara for green eyes for years. Years. But for some reason, they stopped stocking the green eye version in Chicago. Because I see this every time I look for it. Blue eyes, Brown eyes … no green eyes!


I complained to my direct pipeline at P&G and she said she’d look into it …

Five. …. After she asked me to be her Matron of Honor … or, Best Woman. Yay!!! TIME TO PLAN A BACHELORETTE PARTY.

Screen shot 2015-05-28 at 10.33.24 PM

I still demand answers for my mascara shortage.

Is there a particular beauty product you’ve been using for years? What is it? I’m not really loyal to anything else but this mascara. 

Have you gotten stuck in the rain (I’m talking downpour) on a bike? 

Which things should we do for BFF Vera’s bachelorette party? Burlesque class? Brewery tour? Mani-pedis at Soho House? Small plates somewhere fab? Dancing at Beauty Bar on 90s or New Wave or Prince & Michael night? ALL OF THE ABOVE? If I was more motivated in my downtime, I really would try to start a bachelorette party planning business.