#getUplifted at the Uplift Chicago Pop-up

Uplift has been offering women-only classes at their boutique studio in New York City for a few years … now Chicago ladies can enjoy it too at their pop-up location in River North!


Right now they are offering all strength-focused classes, and I attended one on Monday. Maybe it was the warm temps outside, but this class had me sweating up a storm. One thing I liked about the format (at least, this instructor’s format) was that we never repeated a move. We did bicep curls for 30 seconds, then moved to another bicep move. Our workout used a resistance band, dumbbells and body weight. Probably given that it’s a women-only studio, the dumbbells only went up to 12 lbs (I think), although those had my muscles screaming after enough reps.

Uplift plans to add more teachers in June and will start offering HIIT classes in addition to strength, as well as lunchtime classes and more morning options.

Uplift is offering classes in River North at Indigo Studio through September. In addition to a large, mirrored class space (and a second studio for future use), the space also has showers available. Check it out yourself via upliftstudios.com or ClassPass!

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