Blue Island Beer Co. is officially open

This past Saturday was the Grand Opening for my friend Al’s brewery, the Blue Island Beer Co.


Al & me

Al is a friend of my entire family … even some of my extended family. He went to high school with my brothers, and briefly lived with my family when his parents moved out of state. (And since we were the same size, I would steal some of his clothes.) He’s been in many garage bands with my oldest brother. One of my middle-older brother’s jobs is working for Al’s housepainting company. Both of my brothers stood up in his wedding, he stood up in their weddings, and he helped with the “sound” stuff for my wedding.


The Bobs – uncle and husband

Al’s been brewing his own beer and has been a big supporter of the local craft beer scene. So no surprise that the Grand Opening had a big turnout; it was great to see so many people supporting the BIBC and craft beer in the south suburbs.

If you want to check them out yourself, the taproom is open every day of the week except Tuesdays. You can drink in the taproom, bring home a growler, or order a keg for an event. I believe their beer is on tap at some local establishments (don’t quote me) and they plan to start bottling soon. Right now they have an IPA, amber, hefeweizen and black ale on tap … and some pretty interesting beers coming up!


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