It Happened Again

I passed out again yesterday. This was the first time I passed out from giving blood. I was at the health fair at my office, doing a blood draw, and the first poke didn’t work, so the phlebotomist asked if she could try again. I was already feeling kind of nervous, and thinking maybe I should decline … but I was already there and wanted to get it over with. The second poke was successful, but right after she finished … I blacked out.

Once again, I started dreaming. When I came to, I was being wheeled (in a desk chair) into a hallway next to the room where the health fair was happening. A bunch of the health fair people were crowded around me. I was confused as to why I wasn’t waking up in my own bed … and then I realized what happened.

“Did I faint?” “Yes.” “Did I fall out of the chair?” “No.” “Well that’s good.”

The situation was a bit traumatic – your body literally gives up, so fainting is never fun. But this time around, I had a lot of friendly co-workers to help me out. A nice lady from HR, the head of security (who told me he is/was an EMT), and a couple of co-workers from my team who I requested they go get. One co-worker escorted me in the ladies room. Another co-worker rode with me in a cab to go home. The head of security pushed me around in a wheelchair, and held a garbage can for me while I “refunded” my apple juice in the middle of the lobby. I was both embarassed and thankful, but they told me this is not the worst they’ve seen. We have a big office.

And then I spent the rest of the day sleeping, taking breaks to eat something or watch TV, then back to bed. After about 16 hours of sleep, I feel back to normal today.

And thus went fainting episode #6 (over 20 years).

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5 Comments on “It Happened Again”

  1. Yikes! I’ve never fainted but have almost fainted several times while giving blood. I turn white as a ghost and get all clammy. They put ice packs on me and a fan and give me juice. I’m glad you didn’t fall and hurt yourself! And glad you got some rest!

  2. Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep. This pretty much exactly describes what happened to me when I got a shot back in March – was nervous, passed out, dreamt, woke up disoriented as anything, “refunded” my orange juice (I like that description!), had to take a cab home. The only real difference was that I was at the doctor’s office, not my office. Well, that, and the fact that it seems like you were at least vaguely coherent after coming to, where I definitely was not. (“I FEEL SO SICK. WHY ARE MY HANDS TINGLING?!” she bellowed, over, and over and over again. Hahahaha. Not my finest hour, to say the least.). Fainting is just miserable. For something that seems relatively minor, it ends up being pretty terrible — or at least the coming to part is. The fainting itself is kind of whatever, but the recovery. Woof. That’s the worst part for sure. I’m glad you’re feeling better now!

  3. I have passed out after donating blood but it’s been a long time. I work in a hospital so at least I have all the right people to take care of me when it happens. I still donate religiously.

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