Five Things Friday

1. I made it to my first book club meeting last night! Finally! I’ve been stalking a few book clubs for a few months, but had yet to make it to a meeting because I either didn’t finish (or even start) the book, or something came up. But I read Ready Player One, which was really engrossing, and made it to the meeting.

2. I also got to enjoy some mini-spa services at mySpa at the Fairmont Chicago Hotel yesterday during happy hour. Champagne, mini-massage, hand treatment and polish change? Score! The spa isn’t just for hotel guests, Illinois residents get 20% off their services. I personally would like to check out the couples’ room – a giant soaking tub (we don’t have a tub at home, just a big shower) and side-by-side massages. Also, during my “hand treatment,” my esthetician told me all about the benefits of salt scrubs and using oil for cleansing and moisturizing (which I already do). It was interesting stuff worthy of it’s own post (and more research by me).


Forgot to ask what color my polish was, but it’s Essie

3. Divvy added a new station literally next to my office. It was like Christmas when I walked to work on Monday morning and saw it for the first time. Now if only they could add one at the Roosevelt Collection.


Recycled picture

4. I might try my hand at bedazzling this weekend because nothing says “I am serious about my art” like bejeweled undergarments, thigh-highs, gloves, shoes … everything. If I start tweeting weird things, it’ll be because I’m high on E6000.

5. Somebody special recently got engaged and I really hope this means I get to plan a bachelorette party this year!!! Which would also be like Christmas for me.


That would be BFF Vera

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