ThermXRoller Review and #Giveaway

I’ve been a big fan of foam rolling for years. Going back to 2010, when IT band pain forced me to walk the majority of the Hot Chocolate 15K. Ever since then, I’ve tried to roll out my IT band somewhat regularly. And when Emo Knee … well, became Emo Knee, I’ve started to embrace loosening other muscles besides just my IT band. After some sports massages, and later a gait analysis, I’m really into loosening my hips.

I’ve had my own little foam roller for awhile, but recently, I was able to try out the ThermXRoller.

IMG_7208 IMG_7217

At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of it. I tried to just use it like my other foam roller. However, given the X-shape with the cover over it, it doesn’t roll quite like a traditional foam roller. But with the removable cover, you can freeze it or heat it up in the microwave for added benefits.


However, I’ve come to find that the shape is a good thing! Given my tight hips, and my desire to loosen them for the sake of my knee, I like stuff that I can just lay on and target specific areas of tight muscle. Tennis balls have been my tool of choice … until now.


Why do we have a dolly in our apartment? 


These pictures are a reminder that I still want to do something about our recycle & garbage bins so they’re not just sitting there all ugly and noticeable. 


UMF. THAT’S THE SPOT. Time to breakdance. 

When I try this kind of move on the regular foam roller, it can be hard to hold it in one spot, since it’s wants to roll and all, and I can’t really hang out, working into my hip. Same wtih a tennis ball. However, on the ThermXRoller, given it’s shape … it’ll hang out. And it’s all nice and warm. And if you want to work something other than your hip, ThermX has videos to show you how!

And you can check it out for yourself! ThermX has generously offered to send two Mag Mile Runner readers their own Therm X Roller! Click the link below to open the Rafflecopter and enter by April 28th!

Enter via Rafflecopter!

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