Maybe I’m a luddite, but it wasn’t until last year that I programmed anything to automatically record a show. I never owned a TiVo. I never paid for whatever the feature it was of Comcast that would automatically record shows (or maybe I did and didn’t know how to use it?)

Last year we moved into a [rented] condo, and DirectTV was included with the place. (Sidebar: This is not a sponsored post.) One feature is the ability to automatically record shows. (Hello, 2004!)

So! What shows do you have in your queue?? I need some ideas. Although Mad Men is still on Netflix (and I have most of the series on DVDs … but putting on a DVD is more work than Netflix and OMG we’re so lazy aren’t we? Remember what it was like to program a VCR??)


Season One Peggy. Does not last.   

Anywho, it’s 2015 now. And this is what I have in my queue, sort of in order of priority:

  • Mad Men (HOW WILL IT END???)
  • Project Runway (when is the next season????)
  • Broad City ( ❤ ❤ ❤ COME BACK PLZ)
  • Younger (surprisingly entertaining!)
  • Check, Please! (just makes me feel poor and hungry)
  • Mexico, One Plate at a Time (I love Ricky B., OK?)
  • Jeopardy (sometimes I yell on the rare occasion I know something they don’t)
  • America’s Test Kitchen (I like to pretend)
  • Archer (for my husband, although I do kind of like it)
  • New Girl (queued but so behind)
  • Mindy Project (ditto)

What else should I be pretending to keep up with? (I don’t have any premium channels.)