Tried it Tuesday: More ClassPass!

I’ve been talking about ClassPass a lot lately on this blog, but it’s only because I’m a huge fan of it. If you’re not familiar with it, you pay one monthly membership fee ($99 in Chicago), and get access to tons of local fitness studios. You can sign up for as many classes as you want, however, you can only visit each studio a maximum of three times in one month. But there are enough studios out there that in the 6 weeks I’ve been a member, I have yet to visit the same place twice, and there are still a ton more studios I want to check out!

Some studios I’ve checked out recently:


Yoga Six South Loop: In my last post about ClassPass, I mentioned doing Yin Yoga, and reader Brooke commented to suggest the Deep Stretch class at Yoga Six. Their South Loop location is very convenient for me (and has free indoor parking), so I tried a class. I’m a big fan of this studio! It’s very new and modern and I love that their studio floors are not only very cushy, but have “parking spots” marked out for mats. I imagine that makes it really easy to squeeze in lots of folks during a popular class. For Deep Stretch at 8:15pm, we had plenty of room. The stretch was great, and the semi-heated room almost lulled me to sleep. Which is great for a late class. I’ll definitely be back, in fact, I’m going tonight which will make this my first repeat visit on ClassPass.


On Your Mark: I’m a big fan of this space! The space itself is not fancy, but full of lots of equipment. I took their Ass & Abs class, which was a circut of 10 different exercises working our core and glutes. I liked that the teacher was helping us with our form throughout the entire class. I’ll definitely be back! (Pro tip: Their entrance is in the back.)


Go Row: The is part of a multi-studio space, Go Cycle is on the first floor and Go Row is in the basement (and Go Spa is next door). As the name suggests, this class focuses on rowing, which I really like. Between running and biking, I want to find cardio that doesn’t aggravate my knee. So rowing is perfect! I really liked this class, I can honestly say that it kicked my butt. The format was a circut alternating between rowing and weights. Kind of like SHRED415, but with rowing machines instead of treadmills. I’ll definitely be back!

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3 Comments on “Tried it Tuesday: More ClassPass!”

  1. Thanks for linking up! I am loving Class Pass too right now. I am going to have to check some of these gyms out. I loved loved loved Go Row. I wasn’t sore the next day, but was sore the day after that ha. Post Delay soreness!

  2. I’m curious: what was the temperature of Go Row when you went? I went to Go Cycle when I did ClassPass on a day in November when the wind chill was -20, and it was ABSOLUTELY FREEZING in the studio. Like see-your-breath freezing. I’ve been curious what the space is like on days when it’s not, you know, arctic. Haha.

    1. I didn’t notice that it was hot or cold, so I would say it’s comfortable? But Go Row is in the basement, so a bit more insulated from the outdoors. When I was leaving and walking on the sidewalk past what I assume was the cycle space, I could hear the class going on, so I’m guessing they have thin walls, or since it looks like it was originally a store front, thin windows? Wonder if that means it gets hot up there in the summer.

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