Finish Fast in the Shamrock Shuffle for a chance to win a Chicago Marathon entry

This is not a sponsored post. Nike shared this with me and I thought it was cool. 

Nike+ challenges all participants in the 2015 Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle to perform their best on race day and finish fast through the finish line. Runners who log their miles with the Nike+ Running App, make the final mile of the race their fastest, and share their run on Twitter or Instagram using #shamrockshuffleFF will have the chance to receive an automatic entry into the 2015 Chicago Marathon.

You can download the free Nike+ Running App at any time before the race starts for the opportunity to participate in the Nike+ Fastest Finish on Sunday, March 29th. The final mile in the 8K race will be marked with vertical banners to denote that it is the official last mile of the race.

Good luck to everyone running on Sunday! I’ll be out there, pretty sure I’ll achive a personal worst! But who cares, it’s the Shuffle! It’s the world’s largest beer garden warm-up. And I haven’t figured out what kind of crazy get-up I’ll wear. One guess what my shirt will say.



Screen shot 2013-04-07 at 4.20.19 PM


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3 Comments on “Finish Fast in the Shamrock Shuffle for a chance to win a Chicago Marathon entry”

  1. Thanks for the tips on how to not take off like a bat out of hell on my shuffle post! I haven’t used my HR in a while and had read that they aren’t accurate after a couple of years (still need to confirm) I do plan on starting in the back of the corral because I got tripped and nearly trampled in the start of the Chicago marathon my first year… I’ll just need to not take off and keep cool on Sunday morning 🙂

    I got the email about the Finish fast Nike thing- sounds pretty cool.

    A group of us are meeting up before the race for pics- I’ll send you a message to set up an event for anyone interested. Our first CRB photo for 2015! 🙂

    Good luck this Sunday!

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