Giveaway: Be a Mag Mile Runner! #RunMagMile

Did you miss the LIVE CHAT with Lauren Fleshman and Summer Sanders? Check out the replay!

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For the second year in a row, you have the opportunity to be a Mag Mile runner at The Magnificent Mile® Chicago Women’s Half Marathon & 5K. Last year, due to my knee issues, I “ran” (mostly walked) the 5K. Perhaps I can redeem myself this year and do the half marathon? Lauren Fleshman will be there again! (Paging Running Kellometers … )

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The course looks to be the same as last year, running up and down the Mag Mile before the 5K finishes in Grant Park, and the half marathoners take a trip on the Lakefront Trail before finishing in Grant Park.

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Once again, the race is Labor Day weekend – Sunday, September 6 to be exact. Maybe a good time for a tune-up race if you’re planning a fall marathon? Either way, you should check it out!

And to help with that, I’m giving away two entries to The Magnificent Mile® Chicago Women’s Half Marathon & 5K! (Winner’s choice of distance.)

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25 Comments on “Giveaway: Be a Mag Mile Runner! #RunMagMile”

  1. As far as all-women’s races, I have run the Esprit de She 10K twice and LOVED it. The atmosphere is incredibly empowering, and it felt like a night out on the town with a few hundred of my closest runner friends!

  2. I ran the Women’s Half its first year and my mom ran the 5k. She passed away this year and I would love to run it again in her memory!

  3. I ran the Magnificent Mile Chicago Women’s 5k last year. I was supposed to be running the half marathon, but I got sick and wasn’t able to finish my training, so I had to switch to the 5k. I really enjoyed the race and hope to participate again this year.

  4. I’ve done the Zooma Half and an Esprit de She 5K. As well as Venus de Miles bike ride, an Iron Girl/Danski tri relay and this year I’m doing the Esprit de She tri. Honestly, the triathlons are the ones where I appreciate the women’s only atmosphere. I don’t even notice it at road races!

  5. Would love to run one of these! Coming back to running after some/a lot of time away (injury –> work busyness –> out of the habit….) and would love to use this as motivation!

  6. I’ve done three women’s races: 2014 Esprit De She Triathlon, 2014 Zoom Half Marathon, 2014 Venus De Miles. I didn’t think I would like all women’s races but I actually did. I don’t know if I really paid attention to the fact that it was all women though (outside of the obvious male presence). There were some men that did register though but only a few. And on the Venus De Miles, my boyfriend signed up for the Men in Drag bike support so he was there the whole time.

  7. This sounds like a great race. I am hoping to into Chicago . . . this would be excellent for training and race prep!

  8. My fave all women’s race is the NYC Mini 10K in New York. It has been going on for 30+ years! That said, I have also done this one (I was a real runner “spokesmodel” the first year), Esprit de She, Zooma and a few more.

  9. I ran this 5k the first year, and thought it was really special being around so many women (and to see all of the men (and kids) in their lives cheering them on!). I’d love to run the half this year!

  10. I ran the first FF Womens Half when it was on the lakefront trail and the Zooma half last year, loved the FF womens half!

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