Why I Love My Thighs

I started writing this post almost a year ago, and it sat in my drafts, semi-forgotten. I was going to write about how most women hate their thighs, but I love mine, and here’s why. But I never posted this. Then I saw a tweet that made me ragey, it was for a 30 Day Thigh Slimming Challenge, posted by a fitspo blogger with a huge following.

First of all, any exercise targeting thighs isn’t going to slim them, it’s going to strengthen them, which could likely make them larger. Second of all, having slim thighs is a terrible goal. You need strong thighs. Strong thighs let you do stuff. And they look awesome in my opinion.

Screen shot 2013-02-07 at 10.17.35 PM

So, my reasons on why you should embrace your strong thighs:


Strong thighs let you run marathons (and shorter distances, too). Everytime I see a woman with really skinny thighs (and not in a muscular way, like elite runners), I think to myself “pffffbt … well she probably can’t run a marathon on those legs.” (OK, fine, I probably couldn’t run a marathon right now either.)

Applefest Half Marathon - Oct 1, 2011


Strong thighs let you dance. Try to dance with weak legs. Especially in heels.

Ballet - Feeling Good


Excuse the blur, but I could not get this height with weak thighs. 


A peek of thigh can be really sexy. Especially when dressed up in stockings and a garter. If you don’t like your thighs, get yourself a garter belt and a pair of stockings (stockings are thigh highs without those rubbery stays). It is impossible for your thighs to not look amazingly sexy in garters & stockings. It’s science.

Screen shot 2015-03-02 at 7.19.55 PM


My favorite way to flirt? Hands down (pun intended), a not-so-innocent thigh graze. Yes, you have my attention … Only works if you have my consent to touch my thighs though. I mean, you’ll get my attention, but it won’t be good.


Strong thighs can also crush a man in the throes of passion. I assume. I need to test this theory. Maybe I’ll just crush watermelons instead.


So what have we learned? My mind is usually in the gutter.

What else is great about thighs? What body part do you love that is normally shamed (so basically, any body part other than your breasts)? I also love my butt.


I was rehearsing. I often take video at home when I’m either rehearsing or putting together choreography. 

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13 Comments on “Why I Love My Thighs”

  1. Love this!!! I will take muscle, strength, and power over skin and bones anyday! There was some article floating around on FB for awhile about the evolution of the “ideal female body” over the last century. There were certain decades where skinny was IN. But these days, it’s all about having some muscle!!! (We live in fabulously progressive times, don’t we? =) )

  2. A love letter to your thighs, perfection! My thighs are my “trouble area” and I often find myself hating on them for absolutely no good reason. But usually all it takes is a quick reality check that these thighs got me through 26.2 miles, countless miles of walking, crazy all-night dancing sessions, and so much more. Plus, men loveee thighs. Like really, I can’t even count the number of times I’ve randomly talked to males about this and they all say the same thing – strong thighs are sexy!

    1. The funny thing about being healthy … I weighed myself yesterday, and my weight is now back at my “scary” weight, the weight I hit like 4 years ago, when I started taking working out seriously and paying better attention to my portions. However, I am about 2-3 dress sizes smaller than I was back then. So some stuff really is relative.

  3. I saw that post too and thought WTF is wrong with people wanting to change specific body parts so much? And then I realized the media etx force feed women that they aren’t good enough, that there’s always something “wrong” with them.(which drives sales, YO!) And to that I say F%ck off! Mainly because I’m confident in my body but also because I won’t let someone guilt trip me into feeling a certain way about anything. But I do realize that I’m like of the 2% that don’t drink the Koolaid and follow the herd with most things (looks like you are too) so seeing how a “Fitspo” article is popular is no surprise.. Unfortunately. Anyways, I’ve written enough And should probably go write a blog post about this or skinny shaming since I’m all riled up 😉 good post!

    1. It’s funny you mention skinny shaming, because after I posted this, I was like, uh oh, am I skinny shaming? If your thighs aren’t strong *enough* you are inferior? I hope no one feels shamed, no matter the size, shape or strength of their thighs.

      1. No definitely not your post… But some of the comments.. People need to be more aware of how they come off. While I DGAF about what people say, it gets old seeing the same “strong is better than skinny” type crap all over social media. I was thinking yesterday as I was looking in the mirror at the gym how much I love my muscular thighs & calves and wouldn’t trade them for anything. 😉 I like your thought provoking posts. I really should quit with my fluff and write what’s really on my mind…

        1. I think it’s good to balance fluff with realness. Just write what’s on your mind. Which is why sometimes my blogging feels very all over the place.

  4. *insert Meryl Strep YES! Oscars gif here*
    I think that sums it up…also, I love when you write stuff like this.

    In my Pure Barre class last week we were doing a move and the instructor said “this will give you that thigh gap you want!” and I nearly wanted to take the ball out from between my never-going-to-have-thigh-gap-thighs and toss at her face.I don’t want thigh gap. More muscular thighs? YES. Slimmer thigh gap thighs? NOPE.

    1. …Not to be skinny shaming in that last sentence…but slimmer thighs are not the goal – stronger ones are! And if they happen to slim down that is a bonus.

  5. I love this blog post! My thighs are getting bigger b/c I’m pregnant and I’m loving them! I agree with Nina, I hate when people praise the thigh gap!

  6. Thanks for writing this! I love my thighs because I have some sweet muscle definition in them. I love when I get a race picture in just the right moment and you can see the muscles in my thighs working! It makes me feel so strong.

    I also love my thighs because I definitely have my dad’s legs. My husband says we (and my brother) have a very distinct walk too, which I think is not true but it also makes me laugh.

    Great comments too from you and Xaarlin about skinny shaming. It gave me something to think about and now I am wondering if I am inadvertently doing this sometimes.

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