Five Things Friday – Feb 20

Woot woot, it’s Friday!


#1 – It’s been freezing this week. I’m really happy I got on the blanket scarf trend because it is cozy.


But I am really looking forward to the end of winter. Weird gray ice mountains are everywhere. I’m also really itching to start bike commuting again, but not when the wind chill is below 0.


IMG_6509.JPG IMG_6508.JPG

#2 – Have you made it to the NTC Studio above the Nike store on Michigan Ave? I was lucky enough to be invited to a media workout there this week. It’s such a nice space! We were led through a workout with NTC trainer Emily from On Your Mark. I am not a morning person, and whenever I do get up early to workout, there is no spring in my step, so this workout was tough, but fun, and I survived. You can sign up for the free group classes at the NTC Studio via Or, check out the N+TC app – I’ve been using it for a few months now and I love it for pushing myself during solo workouts.


Me, Emily, Cindy



#3 – After hearing about it many times, I finally checked out the Winter Garden at the Harold Washington Library for myself. Now I just have to make it back during the day when it’s even prettier. Would be a great space for an event.



#4 – Last night, my husband cashed in on his birthday gift – seeing the Chicago Symphony Orchestra (and Chorus) perform one of his favorite pieces, Mozart’s Requiem.  I opted for the cheap seats – literally the last row in the upper balcony. We didn’t have much of a view … I had to stand up to snap the pic above, once I sat down, all I could really see what the back of the head of the guy in front of me. So, lesson learned, there are some obstructed view seats at Symphony Center that are truly obstructed. Luckily, the acoustics up there are the best (as both Xaar and my friend Mo pointed out).



For the record, that’s my sis-in-law, not me

#5 – I still haven’t figured out which dance classes I’m taking next session. I finally made a decision, but my list of classes I’d like to take in the future keeps getting longer the more I look around at dance studios in the city! It’s good to have options. Regardless, I am also teaching another burlesque workshop at my sis-in-law’s studio next month, if you’d like to check it out.

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7 Comments on “Five Things Friday – Feb 20”

  1. 1. I need a blanket scarf. I had no idea something like that existed. Sold.

    That NTC studio on Michigan ave is amazing. If you plan on going again, let me know. I’d only go with others because Its more fun to be with friends especially 10 minutes in and I want to quit 🙂

    So happy you enjoyed the concert from the nosebleed section. 🙂

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