Big Sexy Weekend

Hope you all had a great G/Valentine’s Weekend! I had a really great weekend, super busy and full of friends. And sexiness.

On Saturday night, El Esposo and I went to dinner at Nacional 27 with our bestie couple.

magpaula jasonroberto

You’ve all met Paula… 

Afterward, they headed home and the Mister and I went to City Winery for Michelle L’amour’s Big Sexy Show. And of course it delieved on the name. It was also quite hilarious, mostly due to the emcee, Bastard Keith.

But the real highlight of the weekend was my burlesque workshop on Sunday. After the success of December’s Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree Burlesque Workshop at Room to Move Studio, I decided to hold one in time for Valentine’s Day. And it would have been in time … if a blizzard hadn’t blown into town on the original date of the workshop. So we pushed it back two weeks, to February 15.

This time around, we danced to the Peggy Lee version of the classic song Fever. The workshop started with BYOB (well, started and the BYOBing continued when we would take spontaneous breaks during class), so I don’t know if I’m just that good, or there was just that much wine, but the ladies seemed to really be enjoying themselves and the choreography.


After class ended, there was no one else using the studio immediately after, so we were able to chit chat while we collected our things.

One of the ladies in the class, who seemed to be enjoying herself the most, came up to me to tell me she enjoyed the class, and asked about taking other classes, and it came out that she was going through a rough breakup, and I could tell that she was clearly still very emotional and vulnerable about it. But it seemed that the workshop – and just the concept of burlesque and self-expression and a judgement-free zone in general – was something she really needed. The workshop seemed to help her feel good about herself, and sexy (even if she couldn’t see her own sexiness), at a time when she really needed to feel that way.

And the more I think about it, the more wonderful it feels. To feel like I helped someone feel better about herself. One of the things I love about burlesque is that it is an expression of the performer, and in most cases, an honest expression of female sexuality. It’s so common in our culture to see images of “sexy” women that are someone else’s idea of what is sexy. And it’s also common that when a woman does express herself, she’s shamed for it, and/or called a slut. What is a slut exactly? Someone who is comfortable in her own skin? Comfortable expressing herself? Who enjoys sex, and has a healthy, fulfilling, consensual sex life? Why is that a bad thing, exactly?

So, I love anything that encourages women to find what we ourselves think is sexy, and to be able to express that in an open and supportive environment. And to feel like I’m actually the one making that happen … whoa. It’s like I’m achieving a goal I wasn’t fully conscious of.

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5 Comments on “Big Sexy Weekend”

  1. Very cool that you were able to help your student feel good about herself after her breakup. Hopefully someday, the cultural norms towards women evolve enough so that the whole world will be a “judgement free” zone.

    1. Sometimes I get wrapped up in my own liberal bubble, and think everyone thinks like I do … but then the internet shows me otherwise. And then I go back into my bubble, haha.

      1. Yeah, sometimes I’m aback by the mean-spirited and evidence-free interwebs content that’s out there. Most of the times it’s better to go back to the bubble!

  2. I love this! It’s so empowering to well, empower one another. It’s a beautiful thing to embrace one’s femininity and sexuality, but not everyone is brave or confident enough to do so. We need more workshops/events/support like this…small things add up to make the greatest changes! And now I’m done with my cheesy comment 🙂

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