Super Snow

Photo dump!! Mostly snow pics.

But let’s start with non-snow. Last Thursday, I met up with Genevieve and Liz (not pictured) for Yelp’s Glow in the Park at the Harris Theater. Gen and I met up beforehand to catch up during happy hour at Tavern at the Park, picked specifically because we can get from the restaurant to the theater via the pedway and avoid going back outside. Apparently, the entrance to the event was on the street level. We were able to get in via an unlocked door off the pedway, and apparently doing so meant we snuck past the long line of people waiting outside. Oops, but … not sorry. It was a total Mama Schwartz (that would be my mom) move.


Getting in ahead of the line meant we could quickly check our coats and get a glass of champagne without waiting. The highlight of the event was the performance from DanceWorks Chicago.

On Saturday, I met up with my bro & clan for lunch before they went to Frozen on Ice at the United Center. My niece dressed as Anna from Frozen.


Yes, she is as precious as she looks.

My nephew was a big fan of the $5 present I got him. It was a bouncy ball with rubbery knobs for him to chew on, and it lit up and flashed different colors when bounced.



So, in case you didn’t hear, we got like 19″ of snow on Sunday. I was supposed to head to the ‘burbs to teach another burlesque workshop, but decided to push it back a couple weeks and I’m glad I did. (Meaning … you can still join us!) That also meant I didn’t make it to our friends’ Superb Owl party afterward. I was mostly only interested in enjoying the Turducken they promised. Oh well.


And so it begins.


It was pretty. The balconies on our side got a ton more snow than across the courtyard.

IMG_6430.JPG IMG_6431.JPG

I was getting tired of being cooped up, and debated heading to the South Shore (that would be NW Indiana’s Metra) station and heading to the Turducken Superb Owl party anyway. My husband was there and could drive us home. I took like 10 steps out the door and was like “yeah …. how about no.” Yes, the train ride itself would have been no sweat, but getting there meant walking to/from the bus, which looked like more trouble than a Turducken was worth.


So I stayed in with my lil buddy and had the game on in the background. I enjoyed the halftime show, especially Missy Elliot, and Katy’s outfits. (In case you’re worried, my husband ended up staying the night out out in the ‘burbs.)


This morning was nice and sunny, but the walk to my bus stop reminded me why we spend the big bucks on a designated indoor parking spot. Hope these people didn’t need to drive anywhere today. Luckily the buses were running and the roads my bus takes were cleared.


And Olaf greeted me on my way to work. I really need to get around to watching this Frozen movie one of these days.


How did you survive the snow storm? Did you make it to a Superb Owl party? What did you eat?

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  1. Basically I shoveled a layer so I could snowthrow the next layer. So, basically took me about 3 hours to do the alley, my house, and two of my neighbors. Remind me to buy a bigger snowthrower next time and not be so price conscious!

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