Stop Hating on Resolutioners

So it’s January.

Cue the “Resolutioners.”

Cue the people complaining about them.

Guess who is more annoying?

We were all beginners once. Heck, was a resolutioner. At the end of 2009, I decided to sign up for my first half marathon in 2010. I wasn’t consciously doing it as a resolution thing, it was just good timing, and that’s what it became. My goal for the year.


First half … I finished but hot damn did that hurt. 

So maybe your gym or workout classes or pool or whatever is a little more crowded right now. I get that it can be frustrating to have to wait due to all the n00bs. But the “you’re going to quit anyway, so quit now and get out of my way” attitude? Or the “you’re new and you don’t belong here” mindset? Or “why are all these new people at my gym and in my way” complaints? It’s all really ugly. And entitled. And rude. And immature.

Shouldn’t we be supporting one another? The same people who make these complaints (even if they think they are being funny/edgy/whatever), often also post generic motivational memes. So, you want to encourage people, but not if their presence somehow inconveniences you? What’s the psychology of that?

Not to mention, these quitters are what keep your gym prices so low.

So please, grow the F up, and if you see someone new, be an adult and encourage them. You were once the newbie too. And if it’s been a long time since you’ve ever tried anything new, I encourage you to take inspiration from these Resolutioners, and get out of your comfort zone. Try something new. And hopefully no one will chastise you for daring to improve yourself.

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11 Comments on “Stop Hating on Resolutioners”

  1. I love to observe odd gym behavior during these next 6 weeks. When I was a personal trainer, we used to joke about writing a sitcom similar to The Office called The Gym. People are bizarre and I love it.

    While my gym is busier than it was last week, I get there before 4, so I can still exceed the treadmill limit without anyone getting mad at me.

      1. Oh yeah, dick move ironman! I don’t mind the resolutioners for the most part because we are able to go at non-peak times but in general I hate rude gym people and when there are more people at the gym overall the likelihood increases that I’ll encounter rude ones. Or that I will encounter people, period. Which I also hate.

  2. “Haters gonna hate!” lol. Anyway, I don’t mind resolutioners. What I can’t stand is when people give up within 5 seconds of trying something new (specifically work out classes). You need to LEARN before you can do it! Give it time! But I know it’s annoying gyms are packed with people. However, you are right. Everyone starts somewhere!

  3. I love this post! I was just saying the other day that the gym is always most crowded in early January, as well as during spring break time. 😉

    I read the article you linked about how quitters are what keep your gym costs low. It was very eye-opening. I never realized how much psychology and marketing went into gym membership design, etc.!

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