Burlesque Workshop Recap!

Today was my burlesque workshop! In a nutshell: OMG FUN.

To be honest, I was a little bit nervous going into it. I “only” had two (and a half) weeks to work on the choreography. To a seasoned dancer, performer or teacher, that might be more than enough time. For someone who has never put together choreography … well, I was still making changes as of this morning. So I was a little nervous about teaching a dance that I didn’t have down. I was also nervous no one would show up other than me, my mom, my sis-in-law (who owns the studio and would be there to unlock the door/collect money/etc), and Erin, who was carpooling with me. And, having never taught a workshop, I was nervous about the timing – would 2 hours be enough time? Too much?

Luckily, 10 women showed up, and while I wasn’t totally polished teaching the moves, we got through the choreography and then had some time to have fun running through the routine. We even took video, which I’ll share privately with the ladies who attended, so they can continue to practice at home before showing off their new moves in private 😉


This pic is creepy.

I had to go to three Targets to get enough garland for our “boas.” How much tinsel garland do you need to adorn 11 adult women? 66 feet. Target had 12′ garlands, which we cut in half so we each had a 6-foot boa. Worked well for everyone but the gal who is 6’1, so she got a full garland to take home.


Heeeeeeeyyyyy gurl.

And yes, my mother attended. She was such a good sport … maybe too good of a sport. For those who had never met her, I think today’s workshop shined a light on where my wackier side comes from. Also, I joked that after enough wine on Christmas, maybe Mom, sis-in-law and I will show off our moves to the family.

Anywho, everyone seemed to have a great time, and looked awesome doing the dance. I am now at home, sitting on my couch … and am exhausted. Teaching is tough! Not that I ever thought otherwise.

If you’d like to join us next time, I’m thinking we’ll do it again in early February, in time for Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned! I’ll start working on choreography now.

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6 Comments on “Burlesque Workshop Recap!”

  1. Yay! I am happy it was a success and so many people showed up! I am not surprised that teaching was so tiring, and that planning the moves was so much work. That’s how I felt when I started teaching strength classes! It will get easier and easier! 🙂

  2. I’m so sad I wasn’t able to make it — we had a family holiday thing end up getting scheduled at that time. I’d love to join for a February one though! It sounds like it was loads of fun!

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