Nike+ Chiberia Challenge Kick Off

Thanks to everyone who joined my Nike+ Chiberia Challenge team! I think even Nike was pleasantly surprised when all 5 teams were full (15 members per team + captain) by Saturday. If you didn’t get in … sorry. Because this challenge comes with some sweet gear that I was lucky enough to try out at the Kick Off on Monday night.


Listening to the rules of the Challenge at Nike Running Bucktown. I stole this image from Zach‘s teammate, Aaron. SORRY YOUR TEAM IS GONNA LOSE, ZACH. At least you win at being tallest and the only dude. 


With my teammates Zenaida and Emily

The goal goal of the challenge is to run 70 miles in 13 days. The first team to have all members reach 70 miles first wins Nike Flash shoes for each member of the team. If no team has all members reach 70 miles, the team with the most miles by Dec 22 wins the shoes.


Of the remaining teams, the individual with the highest mileage wins an extremely reflective Nike Flash jacket of their choosing.

IMG_5856.JPG IMG_5855.JPG

That’s not an alien behind me, that’s my reflective reflection in the mirror. 

SO. TEAM. GET TO RUNNING. This is the part where I leave a disclaimer thanking Nike for the sweet gear they gave me at the kickoff. I want my teammates to get some sweet gear too. That’s been motivating my PT exercises for the past few days … keep it up so I can run as many miles as possible for #MaggiesTeamWillWin.

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