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Total Miles: 22 (all running)
Total NTC app workouts: 7
Total Free Yoga Classes: 3
New Pair of Running Shoes: 1
Books Read: 2
New-to-me Beers: 1 (I’ve been opting for more wine & cocktails)


I’ve been going to free yoga on Sundays at Thalia Hall in Pilsen. It’s awesome! We had to practice on the stage the first week, but the rest of the time the floor has been open and we’ve been able to spread out. It’s great. You should join me.


I’ve also been doing a lot of workouts in our fitness center using the NTC app. I like it a lot.


You have to go through our fitness center to get to the “roof” deck (or go through the party room, which is usually locked). So usually after a workout, I’ll cool off outside and enjoy the view. Unless I notice a beautiful sunrise during my workout, I’ll run outside and snap a pic.


I was very much overdue for new shoes, but since I wasn’t running much (due to my knee), I wasn’t as motivated to find room in our budget. But part of me wondered if worn out shoes were contributing to my knee issues.


I live two miles from a small quarry. (It’s on the north side of this park.) This city is full of surprises. (Well, not really a surprise if it’s been here almost 200 years.)

IMG_5755-0.JPG IMG_5756-0.JPG

El Esposo’s birthday fell on “Black Wednesday.” We enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Roka Akor followed by Unbridled at Untitled, which I have been wanting to check out for awhile, I just don’t get out that late on Thursdays (although maybe now I will). Sorry for the blurry grid pic, but the show included hooping, turkey-inspired burlesque, and some power sanding. Not pictured … belly dance, contortionists, break dancing, nunchuck burlesque, aerial pole, arial swing, and a number with a giant metal hoop (apparently it’s called a wheel). Something for everyone.


We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family the Sunday before.


And Thanksgiving day with my in-laws.

My niece and nephew (part of my husband’s family) are getting to that fun age where they have personalities and you can have conversations and stuff. I love reading the stories my nephew writes. I love that he writes. (Not that I don’t love babies. Babies are cute too.)


Update on my yearly goals

Weekly Strength Workouts: I did a lot. Since I can’t run as much as I want, and I can’t afford dance classes at the moment, I’ve been doing a lot of strength workouts.

Bi-weekly Fun Workouts: I took a Krav Maga fundamentals class at POW MMA. It was a fun change of pace.

Read 12 Books: I finished two books…

I read Fifty Shades of Gray. I wanted to know what the big deal was. I’m still trying to figure that out. Yes, there was a lot of sex. But the writing. It was like a 13-year-old wrote it. And I’m sorry, but it was like a 13-year-old’s take on D/s dynamics. I’ll just leave it at that. Maybe some more character development would have been helpful? Although given the terrible writing, maybe not.

I also read White Teeth, for a book club that I failed to attend (one of my college roommates had an unplanned trip into town [she an international flight attendant] so I skipped the book club meeting to meet her for a late dinner). This book was a lot better, although I wasn’t crazy about the ending.

Host Something Once a Month: We had my parents over for dinner.

Volunteer: Fail.