Spectator Report: Schaumburg Turkey Trot Half Marathon

Yesterday morning I headed out to Schaumburg with my turkey so he could run the Turkey Trot Half Marathon.


The race was point-to-point, but since I wasn’t racing, we didn’t have to deal with the shuttle buses. We ended up taking 90W to get there, which may have been better? Seemed like everyone coming from 290 was in a long line of cars to turn right into the start area.

Anyway. I ran into some F’N Runners at the start!

Screen shot 2014-11-29 at 5.38.24 PM

I miss these guys and gals!

After the race started, I walked back to the car (~16 minutes … I only know because I started the stopwatch on my phone when I saw my husband start the race) and then drove over to a spectator spot just past mile 5, near the Elk Pasture.

IMG_5781.JPG IMG_5782.JPG

Left pic: Susan and Wayne pacing the … 2:15 group? Right pic, Amanda in the middle in the gray top.


Hot stuff coming through!!!!!!!

After El Esposo passed by me, I shed my layers and ran a few miles of my own. I spotted some elk, but they were too far into the pasture to get a good pic.

IMG_5797.JPG IMG_5796.JPG

Finally bought new shoes. Brooks Adrenaline 15. This is my … 5th pair of Adrenalines. At least. 

After my little yog (soft J) through the woods, I got back in the car and headed to the finish. I was glad I put all of my layers back on (plus my husband’s fleece) because while it was sunny and temps weren’t too bad (40s), it was windy.

Eventually, Mr. Handsom came in for the finish.


By then, the finish area was pretty sparse. Sadly, the only snacks left for runners were fruit snacks, so we grabbed some of those, and water, and headed back to the car.

Traffic getting back to the city wasn’t too bad, but when we were about a quarter mile from our exit, my husband started dry heaving, so I pulled over so he could properly vomit on the side of the road like an adult. Seems like Gatorade upsets his stomach. (He said it wasn’t the first time.) I suggested he try pretzels or something less HFCS-y next time.

As for the course itself, it was scenic and lovely, but he wasn’t a fan of the parts in the grass (which were muddy by the time he got to them). The finish was in the grass as well, and a little bit muddy. Not sure if he’d do this one again; but there is a dearth of fall half marathons in the Chicago area. (WHY??)

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10 Comments on “Spectator Report: Schaumburg Turkey Trot Half Marathon”

  1. To bad about the mud and the lack of snacks. That course left a thing or two to be desired. Sounds like I wasn’t the only one who had an issue on the return home from this race (me: smoke under car hood)! Anyway, yes, there needs to be more halfs over the winter months! Glad to hear you are at least “yogging” now! 🙂

  2. I finished 2:19 and all the muddy spots he endured were muddy for me too so it was just par for the course. I also didn’t like running through the mud. As far as the snacks, I was disappointed to see how little there was for the back of the pack. The 2 people I carpooled with came in similar to his time and there wasn’t much left. Probably because I saw spectators eating the snacks. :-/

  3. I typically boycott that race, mostly because I run (or used to, before it got too cold for T in the stroller) there for free _a lot_! The folks that put on the Busse race do a better job with the Prairie State in Libertyville earlier in the fall (September?)–that one I would recommend. Naperville also has a full and half that is in its second year, I want to say it’s October or early November.

    1. I feel the same way about races on the Lakefront Trail. It has to be a really great race (like the Soldier Field 10) for me to consider it. Otherwise, I can run there for free, AND the LFT isn’t closed to other runners and cyclists during the race.

  4. I ran the 5K. The lack of snacks for the half people does not surprise me. When I finished the line was full of spectators and 5Kers,taking many of each thing. They gave out containers of oatmeal and people were grabbing a couple of these to take home,so crummy. Too much Gatorade can make me nauseous too :/

  5. That sucks about the food! Too bad about the Gatorade that doesn’t sit well with El Esposo. It is unfortunate since that’s what used at almost all races.

    Your socks are cute. Injinji?

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