A Total Scream

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, second only to Christmas. And my husband loves it too, so we get a little excited about it together.


My work-appropriate costume (no one dresses up at my office) = Crazy Cat Lady. (So not really much of a costume for me.)

IMG_5414-0.JPG IMG_5424-0.JPG

Olive loves Halloween too

IMG_5434.JPG IMG_5437.JPG

Halloween Part One (Friday) – Poison Ivy.


The Penguin & Poison Ivy. We ran into a Robin, but zero Batmans.

IMG_5449.JPG IMG_5473-0.JPG IMG_5474-0.JPG

Party People


Dia de los Muertos procession through Pilsen on Saturday, November 1




Halloween Part Two (Saturday) – Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas


Jack Skellington & Sally

IMG_5546.JPG IMG_5552.JPG

My niece and nephew were at this party. Nephew was dressed as my brother (his drawn on beard rubbed off and he didn’t want to keep his hard hat on) and my niece was Elsa of course!

So we had a lot of fun this weekend! I hope you all had a Happy Halloween as well! Did you dress up? If so, as what? Best costume you’ve ever done? I had a lot of fun with both costumes this year. I love any excuse to go crazy with the make-up and fake eyelashes.

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9 Comments on “A Total Scream”

  1. Both of your costumes are awesome! I especially love the second one. Can you believe I’ve never seen The Nightmare Before Christmas? I think it’s time to change that…

  2. Woo hoo! That is awesome you got to go out twice! 🙂 I love Olive’s costume!

    We were unable to go out this year, but will next year! 🙂 Hmm, our best costume ever was either pirates last year or when we were all a “Mariachi” band.

    1. Thanks! I made Poison Ivy last year with a tank (and uh, underwear), some ivy leaves from the craft store and a glue gun. It took maybe an hour or two? The Sally costume was purchased. The make-up for each took maybe 30-45 minutes each I was also greeting trick-or-treaters while doing Poison Ivy make-up.

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