Today was my third appointment with my sports med doc. Things seem to be going well enough that … I guess I’m done with my weekly PT appointments.

Which is good, because I got another bill today from my PT which literally made me laugh out loud. Oy. And we still haven’t done a gait analysis. (So I guess I will be going back to the PT clinic at least one more time.)

Anywho, for the past three weeks, I’ve been running 3x per week, for 30 minutes at a time. The actual running has been pain-free. Post-run (later in the day or the following morning), my knee has moments of tenderness, but no pain. For example, I’ll be walking down the stairs, and it’s not enough to make me limp, but I can feel a little tenderness [SONG BREAK].

My doctor (OK, his PA), said that I could start running more and get back into working out how I want, within reason of course. I’ll be honest, I’m nervous about increasing my mileage, even slowly. Right now I’m barely running 9 miles per week. This pain started in the early spring when I was averaging around 15-20 mpw. But maybe it’s an age thing. My PT told me that the older you get, the more time you have to spend doing other stuff (strength, stretching, foam rolling) just so you can do your “normal” training. You have to train just to train.

So these are the things I apparently have to do if I want to keep running:

  • Glute- and hip-strengthening exercises and stretches, and foam rolling, 2x per day
  • Each time I run: A set of glute exercies + foam rolling pre-run, foam rolling and hip/ham stretching post-run
  • Monthly sports massage
  • And as of right now, give myself at least 48 hours between runs

HOWEVER. All of this glute strengthening isn’t so bad because I’m starting to get something that could be described as “dat ass.” So, silver lining.

Olive, however, is not.

Screen shot 2014-10-16 at 6.48.26 PM