Chicago Marathon Illustrated Map from Cape Horn Illustration

TL;DR: Use code MAGMILE to save 10% in Cape Horn Illustration’s Etsy shop!

Cape Horn Illustration is a husband and wife team based in the Ravenswood neighborhood of Chicago. They use traditional illustration to honor the built environment: homes, neighborhoods, cities, and have worked on commissions for real estate firms, fine restaurants, breweries, and families.

The name “Cape Horn” represents exploration, navigation and achievement, the crossing currents of the world’s largest oceans and of the land and the waves, the legacy of history and shipwrecks. In the history of nautical travel, Cape Horn presented one of the most dangerous challenges to sailors traveling around South America. The unimpeded passage of wind over the Pacific ocean from west to east gives rise to 100-foot waves; the low longitude of the region means bitter cold and icebergs; and the forlorn islands of Tierra del Fuego promise rocky shores. Passing Cape Horn was a rite of passage for sailors, much like running a challenging race is a rite of passage for many runners.

As I’ve shared on the blog before, Cape Horn Illustration has also done pretty cool maps of the Chicago, New York, Boston or Marine Corps Marathons!




Marine Corps Marathon:

And you can save on your own marathon map! Or this would make a pretty great gift for your favorite marathoner!

Use code MAGMILE to save 10% in Cape Horn Illustration’s Etsy shop!

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