Cheer Report: Chicago Marathon

As you all know by now, instead of running the marathon today, I was a spectator. Or, rather, I was a cheerleader. I led the American Cancer Society’s cheer station just past mile 18 in Little Italy.


While I was never actually a cheerleader, I was on the pom squad / dance team in high school, which is close enough. So … once a cheerleader, always a cheerleader … this time I had cowbells instead of pom poms. But I shook them with the same dedication.


Elite women

Being on the north side of the street meant we were looking directly into the sun and it was hard to get a good pic. AND, I forgot to wer sunscreen and got a little bit of a burn.


Pete is in the white shirt.






El Esposo joined me. I kept babbling on and on about running this, and Rita Jeptoo that and Amy Hastings yadda yadda … I told him this is what it feels like to me when we watch football.


My cousin came out to support her roomie, Agnes


This would work very well for me



American Sweatheart teammate Kate looking good at mile 18


The Joker, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy ran together.


My cheer station cheering for the back of the pack. Our cheer station was basically me, my husband, and a group from Hansberry College Prep. They totally got a second wind once it looked like we had reached the back-of-the-pack runners, it was awesome!

Congratulations to all the marathoners, especially first timers Agnes, Meghan, my non-blogging friends Jessica (who I didn’t see, sad face) and Kate!

And even though I didn’t run today, my mentees and I raised a combined $25,853 for the fight against cancer! And my knee is kind of improving?

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10 Comments on “Cheer Report: Chicago Marathon”

  1. Every time the group of runners Channel 5 was following got near mile 18, they’d cut to follow something else or interview someone or go to commercial. 🙁 But glad to know you had a good time — and that your group was so successful in fund-raising.

  2. Ughghghghghghgh true life: I was…somewhere beyond you. Part of me thinks I was somewhere on Ashland headed towards Pilsen, while another part of me thinks I was closer to mile 23. ANYWAY. I’m chugging along in one of these two areas when I think, “MAGGIE. NO. I TOTALLY MISSED HER.” I was so disappointed! Though I was on the other side of the road, because I remember running by the liver…or whatever organ that is. I think it’s a liver. But thanks for coming out and cheering regardless!

    1. I was tracking so many people that I didn’t see, sadly. You, Meghan and Jessica all probably passed me within a few minutes of each other, but I feel like that was still when the crowd of runners was the thickest.

      I think it was a liver promoting Donate Life Illinois. It was getting down at one point, I wish I had gotten video.

  3. Hey, I was Posion Ivy! My husband, friend and I wanna thank you for being out there, supporting. Honestly, the best part of the Chicago Marathon (and why I keep running it) is how awesome the spectators are. Way to cheer 😀

  4. Aww, spectating the marathon is always so much fun! It really is an EVENT! And good point for your husband about football. I’ll have to remember that the next time I try to explain about how excited I am to meet the next running celebrity that comes to Chicago… Haha!

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