September Snapshot

Screen shot 2014-10-01 at 8.32.25 PM

Total Miles: 87
Running: 27
Cycling: 58
Swimming: 1
Walking: 1

Maybe my October goal should be to cover at least the distance of an Ironman for each sport? Over the course of the month.

Total New-to-me Beers: 7
Total PT appointments: 5
Total short stories started at Erotica Writing Workshop: 8

I might develop one into a short story and submit it. Just need a good pen name …

KNEE UPDATE: When you don’t do your PT exercises as prescribed, your knee might hurt, dumbass. I did make my way through the Return to Running program, and per my PT’s orders, I’m running 30 minutes, twice per week. And doing my twice daily PT exercises.

LIFE UPDATE: Life … is crazy, in an awesome way, not a busy way (well, I’m busy enough). September was an interesting month, but an amazing month for my (our) personal life. I’m still processing it all, but I’m processing with a smile on my face (or at least in my head) 24/7. Vauge update is vague, sorry. I have lots of thoughts, and I’m figuring out a way to write a vague post about them.

JOB UPDATE: We have a new VP over our team, and interesting things might be coming. Interesting good, I think. Which is good because to be honest, I was worried that I was getting a little bored at work.


I’m really itching to get back into dance classes. This is an attempt at a high kick selfie in the mirrors of the fitness center in my building.


People keep asking me why I don’t have kids, then I open my big mouth and they get their answer. Over and over.


Good news! Garmin still works.


This is what I like to do while the rest of you are watching Bears games. Sorry, I tried. Don’t care.


I love being the Cool Aunt. I’M THE COOL AUNT. To kids who don’t know any better.




We moved again at work. I’ve been there … 15 months and this was my third move. The nice thing about working in digital marketing is a lack of files and physicial stuff, so all you really have to pack is your personal stuff. (They hire movers so we just have to label all of our equipment and boxes.)


My niece had a My Little Pony birthday party. Literally. The ponies could only carry a maximum of 80 pounds. Thus they were fat shaming me.


Ping Tom Park at the Chicago River in Chinatown


Pilsen Murals


Palmisano Park in Bridgeport

The more I explore the near west/lower west/near south sides, the move I love this area. I’m so glad we moved down this way.

2014 Goals

Weekly Strength Workouts: I had weekly PT appointments. Plus not-quite-twice-per-day at-home exercises, plus lots of trips to our building’s fitness center to lift weights since I couldn’t go running as much as I wanted.

Bi-weekly Fun Workouts: None. Still focused on pain-free running. Hoping to get back into fun workouts this month though. (Psst … might be doing burlesque in public again this month too!)

Read 12 Books: I FINISHED A BOOK! The Picture of Dorian Gray. 

Host Something Once a Month: El Roberto did all the work, but we had his bosses over for dinner.

Volunteer: Mentoring through DetermiNation. My 16 mentees and I have raised $21,500 so far!

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6 Comments on “September Snapshot”

  1. I’d be interested to read a not-so-vague personal post. The thing that I keep thinking about with my super secret stuff is that sure, maybe people will judge or think it’s crazy/weird/whatever, but I’m an adult and can do what I want with my life. I’m happy, which is the important part. I’m glad that you are doing just that too, even if sharing it seems a little difficult.

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