Last night I went to Don’t Fear Your Beer with the Windy City Blogger Collective at Lakeshore Beverage. We talked beer, tasted beer, had snacks. And in true Maggie fashion, I spilled my beer. On Erin. This is not the first time she has seen me spill booze.



And this was after I spilled my beer on her. #Friends4Eva

IMG_4821.JPG IMG_4823.JPG

Brewers sure do like to wear denim, yes? 

IMG_4824.JPG IMG_4830.JPG

That’s a beer float on the right, made with Brooklyn Brewery Dark Chocolate Stout. 

The beers were good, but no sour beers, which is what I’m digging right now. I know I’m kind of alone in that regard, based on what I see on tap and on beer menus. Thankfully Binny’s has a nice little sour selection.

By the way, Lakeshore Beverage has a really cool space! It would be great to rent for large events (weddings, etc). In case any beer fans out there are planning  a wedding or anything …


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I want to go to an Erotica Writing Workshop, but it conflicts with my friend’s sex toy party. And it’s only a sex toy party because she was hosting a Thrity-One [Purses] Party, and I commented on the Facebook invite that I missed the days when we all had lots of sex … toy parties. So she went out and found me a sex toy party host and now it’s a dual party. But now I want to attend this workshop … and no, I’m not making up any part of this.