Thanks to everyone who came to Girls’ Night Out last night at the New Balance store in Lincoln Park! I think everyone had a blast!

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Me, Natali, Jennifer


Lots of folks from the November Project were there.

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Group shot before everyone else headed out for the run & bootcamp workout with Jim Karas Personal Training.


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My knee was still bothering me while walking, so I stayed back at the store while everyone else enjoyed a lovely workout by the lake. I’m wasn’t jealous at all.

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Everyone came back super sweaty, so I’m sure the workout was a good one! I’m with Erica, Emily, Natali, Jennifer and Agnes. Funny story – turns out Agnes is my cousin’s new roommate! Which we didn’t discover until she got home and showed my cousin the pic above.

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There was lots of booze and some hot appetizers ready for the ladies when they got back from their workout.


And a little dance party broke out.

All attendees were treated to 20% off at the store that evening, and a swag bag to take home. The swag included a wine tumbler, headband, whistle, protein bar, discounts to Jim Karas Personal Training and Chicago Cyro Spa. Deep Eddy vodka was handing out sunglasses and lip balms (and lots of tasty vodka drinks at the event).


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Overall, it was a great event! Find out if New Balance is bringing Girls’ Night Out to your city! Or plan your own Girls’ Night Out through their group run tool.

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