As I said in my last post, running and exercises that put weight on my knee are off-limits. But I’m still Divvying (home from work) and last night I ellipticaled a 5K! I used some focused text messaging to power through and keep me distracted. By the way, it took 40 minutes. In case I want to go for an elliptical 5K PR.

20140812-200152-72112452.jpg  20140812-200151-72111686.jpg

OH HAI. After I took the selfie with the skyline, I walked through a spider web. 

Tonight, I wanted to mix it up and swim some laps. Got home, changed into my suit (plus pants and a tech jacket because apparently it’s October today), packed my swim bag and headed out the door to Divvy to the spot that had a 6pm lap swim. Got two steps into the hallway and … WTF?

My knee. My knee hurts. In a new way.


I thought my knee would be getting better????? But no, now it hurts in a new way in a new spot while walking. Great.

So now I’m drowning my frustrtions in mojitos. That’s the only reason I keep buying mint plants. And those things grow like a damn weed. I have a lot of mojitos to drink. Or I could do something else with all that mint … I’m open to suggestions.


I also made a really awesome caprese salad with some of that basil. Still waiting for my tomatoes to turn red though. And hidden behind all that mint is rosemary and oregano, I promise.

Anywho, you can help cheer me up tomorrow night at Girls Night Out. Obviously I’ll be skipping the run part (and probably the boot camp part) but I’ll be there for the snacks and swag. And the laughs. Please someone make me laugh.

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14 Comments on “WHAT NOW?”

  1. Have you ever tried an AlterG treadmill? All of the runner’s high, none of the pain on joints/injuries. Kept me sane my last couple weeks of injury recover!

  2. Nooo! A Similar thing is currently happening to me right now- my Cankle was hurting and now that it’s pretty much not my foot is hurting – a bone in my foot is popping out of place because of the modifications to make my ankle better. FML. Hopefully the thing with your knee is on it’s way to recovery. It’s hard to unwind years of “incorrect” running/walking etx fast. Stay positive.

    1. Yeah, I wonder if that’s what I’m dealing with. Years of bad form? Starting to think I might need to get imaging done. We’ll see what my PT says on Friday, although I emailed his this morning.

  3. I’m so sorry your knee is getting weird in new and different ways. I hope the new pain is just temporary. I also have a mint plant we bought for mojitos that is going bonkers. I keep telling my husband we need to make more mojitos. There is nothing better than a caprese salad with freshly picked basil. Have fun at the GNO!

    1. All I know about mint plants is you should never plant them directly into your garden, it will grow like a weed all over. Which as far as weeds go, isn’t the worst thing. But it’s best to keep it in it’s own container. I’m just surprised my basil plant is doing so well, I always seem to kill those.

  4. You have quite the garden going there on your balcony! I’m impressed.

    Knees are terrible. New pains are also terrible. Probably even more terrible, to be honest (as the poster girl for injuries this marathon season, I feel qualified to make that statement). Has it kept up? Sometimes bodies are just stupid and feel weird and hurt in ways they shouldn’t, but then it magically goes away all on its own. Unless you obsessively think about it, of course. That’s a great way to make sure the pain sticks around. At least it has been for me!

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