So remember when I limped my way through the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon and then said “Hey! I finished! I’ll keep on marathon training!”

Um … really?


After writing that post, I did a lot of reflecting, and talking to my husband, my mom, my BFF coach and voice of reason on injuries, my BRF, Kim, my DetermiNation staff partner. And I admitted to them that maybe this marathon idea isn’t so smart.

I’ve been struggling with my knee since April. It is now July. Despite sports massage, foam rolling, yoga, and running the bare minimum mileage (I have yet to peak 20 mpw and the marathon is fewer than 80 days away), my knee isn’t getting better. In fact, I think it’s getting worse. Makes sense, my long runs are getting longer.

And it’s not going to magically get better. I’m not going to get out there on the Lakefront Trail this weekend and find that my scheduled 7 mile run (cutback week) is pain free. It’s not going to happen.

I ran to catch the bus Wednesday morning (three days after the RnR Half), and my knee felt funky. Maybe it was the bag slung over my body, or the fact that I was wearing a dress, but I was wearing actual running shoes. One block and my knee is like “um, can you not?”

When I went to Athletico for my injury screening in June, they suggested I try sports massage, and if that doesn’t work, to see a doctor. So, three massages later, that’s what I’m doing. Of course the earliest I can get an appointment scheduled is August 22 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME).

At this point, what does it matter? The marathon is not going to happen for me this year. I could see a doctor tomorrow, but the bottom line is, my knee is jacked, something needs to happen to improve it, and I doubt the second half of a marathon training plan is the answer.

As for my fundraising, I talked to the ACS, and I can switch to another event. They have a team at the Chicago Half, which has a 5K option, and I’m pretty certain that’s the event I’ll do.

Otherwise, you could say that running and I are “on a break.”   (If doing the occasional 5K counts as “on a break” … it does, I can walk a 5K.) I’m already feeling a bit bitter and comforting myself with beer and ice cream, but if I start leaving snarky comments on your blogs and Facebook posts about running, I apologize.