Lady Gaga #artRAVE Art Pop Ball Chicago

On Friday night I got to cash in on my Christmas present from my husband … tickets to the Lady Gaga concert!! My bestie Genevieve joined me.


I wore sequined panties hot pants, let’s pretend they’re hot pants over footless tights/dance capris. I figured if you can’t wear a silly outfit to Gaga, when can you? Gaga is all about doing your thing and not giving a sh*t what anyone else thinks. So, underwear-as-outerwear it was. I drew the line at wearing just a sequined bra as my top. For the record, my outfit was somewhat tame compared to some costumes.


Our motto was more sparkles and more make-up.


Excuse us while we act like teenage fangirls.



My brother called me out on Instagram for being 31 and taking bathroom selfies. #31isthenew21 Also, my clutch is sequined. At one point during the show, the sequins on my “hot pants” became entangled with the sequins on my clutch and I was worried I’d have to ditch the hot pants.


Gaga’s crazy stage. I’m not even sure what was going on on the far right (but that hole is what Gaga and her dancers came out of, the stuff on the runway were large flowers that were out for a few songs.) The floor was general admission. Our seats were in the 200s. (Read: We had seats. Didn’t sit in them during the show, but at least we had personal space.)


I didn’t count how many outfits Gaga wore. It was quite a few. Lots of sequins and leather and wigs and boots and no pants and legs for days.


I’m impressed by Gaga. She rocked out for an hour and a half with tons of energy. Imagine doing fartleks for 10 miles, haha. This was a show. She gave it to the audience. At one point, she invited a guy from the audience up on stage to sit with her at her piano while she played Born This Way. It was adorably sweet. I was also amused by the amount of stuff (mostly stuffed animals and some clothing) people threw on stage for her. She would put on some of the clothing over her outfit.


Afterward we had a hard time getting a cab or Uber, so we ducked into The Ogden for a couple cocktails and the kind of conversation you can only have with your best friend of two decades. Best Christmas gift ever 🙂

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