Review: Po Campo’s Bike Share Bag

Back in May, I posted about Po Campo’s Kickstarter to launch their new Bike Share Bag. I already wanted the bag when it was going to be released, so I donated, and the project was funded, and recently, I received my bag.


AND I LOVE IT! And I’m not the only one, I think the second day I was using it, a pedestrian walking past me (while I was on a Divvy) pointed at my bag and asked if it was the Bike Share Bag, then held up her own Bike Share Bag! We both agreed we loved it, then I pedaled off.


It fits very well on the Divvy bikes, as it should, since it was specifically designed to do so. Notice the bungees around the front – those are attached to the bag to make it easy to secure your bag without smashing it under the Divvy bike’s bungee cord.


Bag is secure but not smashed. Usually I will still pull the Divvy bike’s bungee over the bag for extra security, but because of the front bungees, I only secure Divvy’s bungee to one peg instead of stretching it over both pegs.


The bag is quite roomy. Pictured in the bag are my helmet, wristlet wallet, a book, a packable rain jacket, umbrella, sunglasses. I have also crammed in a pair of shoes and a set of workout clothes.


There are LOTS of big internal pockets. I love that.


One internal zippered pocket.


External zippered pocket, which has an attached lanyard. This is where I store my keys so I can quickly use my Divvy key to check out a bike and then stick the keys in the bag pocket without losing much time on the Divvy clock.


The aforementioned front bungees. They are adjustable. The bag also has reflective detailing.


Patch pocket on the back and velcro straps for B-cycle bike share bikes (which exist in other cities – see Po Campo’s web site for a full list of compatible bike shares).


The bag has an adjustable shoulder strap and handles.


The bottom is faux leather for durability. (The bag is vegan!)


You can also hook the sides together if you want to carry the bag as a tote.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the bag! It has made commuting via Divvy a breeze. Before, I would use any old shoulder bag that I already owned. Some were too small to feel secure and some were a bit big and a struggle to get secured. Plus this bag is just very practical for commuting (or as an overnight bag) with its spacious size and many pockets. I can also attest to it being waterproof, as I got caught in the rain last week.

If you want to try it out for yourself, Po Campo is offering a discount in honor of their 5th anniversary! They have lots of different styles on their web site, not just the Bike Share Bag. Use code  HappyBday by July 11 for 20.09% off your order. And if you snap a picture of yourself with the Red Divvy Bike today, you’ll get a free Bike Share Bag!

Po Campo did not ask me to write this post, and I paid of the bag myself. I just really like it. 

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