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Monday: Sproing Sports workout, then Divvy home (4.3mi)

Tuesday: AM – CES Marathon Training workout – we did a Caterpillar Run (formerly known by it’s less PC name, Indian Run) – run in a straight line and the person in back sprints to the front, whoever is in front sets the pace. We had the back person run up every 4 minutes. My group did 4.8mi in 45min.
PM – Divvy home (2.3mi), Yoga in my building.

Wednesday: Sports Massage. Still good-painful, but not as much pain as last time. I think. I took a Divvy to Athletico (0.75mi), and walked home (1.5mi).

Thursday: Rest. Didn’t want to push too hard post-massage, plus I had dinner plans.

Friday: Rest. Rooftop for the Cubs game with work. Then took my husband’s sister (mom to two little ones) out on the town.

Saturday: Late night = didn’t make it to my 6:30am CES group run. I tried to do my long run on the treadmill in the afternoon. Needed 8, but could only get through 5. I don’t think my knee likes the treadmill. I did go for a two mile walk later that day though.

Sunday: CrossTown Fitness Total Body class with Anne and Erin.

Total Running Miles: 10
Total Bike Miles: 10
Total Walk Miles: 4



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  • I missed the Chicago Running Bloggers Sproing class when I was dealing with my Emo Knee, but they offer your first class free! It’s a great cross-training HIIT workout!
  • I feel like a bum for taking three days basically off, and cutting my long run short. Oh well. Try harder next week.
  • I got my Bike Share bag from the Po Campo Kickstarter, and I love it!! I plan to do a review later. Because I’ve been telling everyone (OK, my husband, Anne and Erin) about it. But it’s making Divvying even better.
  • 4 weeks to Revolt Against Cancer! Beer, good company, raffles, and we’re planning a bake sale! You know you want to join us. And bring your friends.