Training, June 16-22

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Monday: Divvy commute, 2.2mi, plus 30 minutes of weights

AM: Workout with CES. At 6am! Sometimes I pretend to be a morning person, it usually only happens when marathon training. Anyway, we did a circut workout of different stations, and ran between stations. 1.5mi running, 30 minutes of strength.
PM: Free yoga class in my [condo] building. We did it out on the roof deck because it was such a nice night. (Have I mentioned lately how much I love our new place?)

Wednesday: Divvy commute, 2.3mi, then 3.5mi run around the ‘hood. Tried to get out between thunderstorms, but it started thundering and lightning during the last few blocks.

Thursday: Divvy commute, 2.3mi, then 5.25mi run. Was feeling a little bit of knee pain, and started getting really frustrated … then a runner with a prosthetic ran past me. Well played, universe.

Friday: Divvy commute, 2.7mi

Saturday: 7.2mi long run with CES. It was foggy and so humid that it felt like it was misting. BUT … my knee felt good! I was worried that as my mileage increased, my pain would, but if I keep up with the stretching/rolling, it’s doable.

Sunday: rest/parents visited – I even went to actual church, not the chruch of running.

Total running miles: 17.5
Total bike miles: 9.5
Total time: 6hr, 13min


Leaving Tuesday’s AM workout by the museum campus


After Wednesday’s rainy run


We ran the same route on Thursday, but took off at different times. We “ran” into each other outside of Soldier Field.


Mass with my parents. We had our choice of English, Spanish or Coatian services at this church. (Went with English.)

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