Even if I missed running during Ragnar, I did have a lovely 6 mile run on Sunday afternoon. Pain free!

So. Turns out I am lucky. The Emo Knee seems to have just been tiiiiiiight muscles, specifically in my quad, hip and glute. With lots of stretching, foam rolling and tennis balling (and last week’s sports massage), I have been running mostly pain free. (However, the aforementioned massage, rolling and balling has NOT been pain-free.) I’ve still had a little bit of pain here and there during my runs, but definitely not with the same frequency as it was before the sports massage and my now-religious post-run recovery.


Tuesday’s group run with CES was a 5K Time Trail in the pouring rain. I had to undress as soon as I walked in the door. I thought because I was drenched by the rain, I wouldn’t have to shower, but then my husband told me I smelled. And for the sake of my bedsheets (and what happens between them*), I showered.

Just keeping it real, bloggers are doing that now, yes? Is there a hashtag I should be using? 

Anywho, I had a little bit of pain near the end of my run which made me sad, so I tennis balled the crap out of my hip. Two days later, it’s still sore. And my husband keeps hearing me make the weirdest sounds when I’m on the foam roller or ball. But I ran tonight with no pain, so I guess it’s working. (I also did lunchtime yoga at the office today.)


My training plan calls for two days of cross training per week, so I’ve been making use of the fitness center in my building. I’m still being cautious with the knee and sticking to arm/ab strength stuff and cardio that will put the least strain on my knee … in this case, the recumbent bike. I really wish we had a rowing machine, but hey, at least I can work out without leaving the building.

As happy as I am to have solved the problem of my Emo Knee, and as thankful as I am that it’s a relatively easy fix, I’m annoyed at myself. Annoyed that I waited so long to get it looked at. Annoyed that I opted out of three races that I probably could have participated in had I gotten the knee checked out as soon as it left me limping during my runs. I know I’m not the most stubborn runner, but I’m still annoyed by myself. My rationale was that I would be told to rest and not run, and I was doing that anyway. Why did I need to spend the time and money for someone else to tell me not to run? (Joke’s on me … no one told me not to run.)

So, my plea to you, is get your odd aches and pains checked out ASAP. Athletico does free (FREE) injury screenings. If you do actually need PT, you still need a doctor’s referral. But if you need, say, a sports massage, you can just schedule that and enjoy the pain train.

Make me feel better … tell me your Stubborn Runner stories.