I might be avoiding talking about running right now because after 10 days of rest, I ran, and my knee is still giving me pain and it’s bumming me out and I don’t want to dwell on it right now. Luckily, there are other big things going on …

We moved into our new place on Friday!


This was right after the movers left. And we still had to go back to the old place to get the last few fragile things … like the cat.

Anyway, allow me to brag for a bit about some of the reasons I love our new place …


The view from the roof deck


We really like the open kitchen-living room layout (especially once we’re more settled)


In-unit laundry!! I hate this term but … total game changer.


The closets in our old place were awful. So awful. One of the downsides of vintage buidings. But the closet in the new place is freaking awesome.


The balcony. The old place had a shared yard, but being on the 2nd floor, we didn’t use it much.

Not pictured: The small fitness center in our building. And the parking garage in the basement. And the elevator down to it. Also game changers. I’m feeling very spoiled right now.


The location. We’re much closer (by 4 miles, which in the city is significant) to the Loop. I could walk to work and it would still be faster door-to-door than the Brown Line during rush hour (at least coming home … maybe break even in the morning).



One downside to the new place – the bedroom and office are carpeted. Someone has a problem with carpeting (going outside her litter box) and someone is not allowed in those rooms.

What are your favorite amenities in an apartment/house/condo?