Training, May 12-18

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Monday AM: 6mi bike to work. It was quite humid.

Tuesday PM: 50 min Body R+D Pilates Megaformer class. And 6mi bike from work to pilates to home.

Wednesday AM: 6mi bike to work.

Thursday PM: 6mi bike from work.

Friday: Rest

Saturday: 8mi bike round trip to Fleet Feet Old Town for CES’s Running U and the ACS’s DetermiNation Kick-off
THEN – 6mi run!

Sunday: Rest

Total bike miles: 32
Total run miles: 6


Someone had to get shots.


Friday night – Lana del Rey at the Aragon Ballroom. Great concert!! But I think the average age of my fellow concertgoers was … 22.

20140518-155645.jpg 20140518-155706.jpg

Lots of Divvy rides.

20140518-155656.jpg 20140518-155719.jpg

DetermiNation Kick-off at Second City on Saturday morning. Chicago Marathon Race Director Carey Pinkowski came out.


Saturday night: The Prince & Michael Experience at Beauty Bar with my bestie. DJ spinning lots of Prince and Michael Jackson. It was great.

So! This week! Given the knee pain I’ve been experiencing, I took a week off from running. To make up the lost cardio, I biked to or from work (and other stuff) as much as possible. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m really enjoying the bike commute and plan to keep it up!

On Saturday, I was ready to attempt to run again. I ran to the park one mile from home, and did laps around the one-mile loop, stopping at a water fountain at each mile. And I’m happy to report I had no pain during the run! Once I hit 3, 4, 5 miles and started up again without pain, I couldn’t help but smile with relief! I made it home doing 6 miles total, and no pain. I wanted to keep going, but I didn’t want to push it. I did notice a little pain later in the day when I would try to walk down stairs, but it wasn’t as bad as it had been the previous weekend.

My plan for the coming week is to do a couple easy runs (Monday is Pint Night and Thursday is the Corporate Challenge – plan to do both at “fun” pace) and then run the Soldier Field 10 on Saturday with the goal of just finishing pain-free and smiling. Even before the knee pain, I didn’t think I was in shape to PR, so no sense to try. And I also plan to keep biking around town 🙂

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15 Comments on “Training, May 12-18”

  1. Yay, I’m glad you had a good run this weekend! Does a “fun” pace mean you’ll run with me tomorrow? 🙂 I had originally hoped to PR at SF10, but now I’m not so sure if I can do it. My goal may just be to finish and have fun. Ugh, why are we all hurt/recovering from injuries right now??

          1. Sure! My Robert is very likely sitting the race out because of his bum ankle (sad face), so that’d be great.

  2. Ok I am in love with your Nike raincoat! Where did you get it?!

    And on a totally unrelated note, I recall you posting about Kiss Kiss Cabaret at one point. I am going there for a bachelorette party on Friday- did you enjoy it?!

    1. I got the jacket on ebay a few years ago, but I think they still make something similar – search for Nike Vapor Cyclone. Although it’s not really waterproof, but it’s a nice light layer when it’s a little bit chilly.

      I have been to Kiss Kiss Cabaret! It is a lot of fun! Enjoy!

      1. OK their newer version of this jacket claims to be “water repellent.” I have worn my purple one in the rain and my skin underneath definitely got wet. But maybe the newer ones are a little different. It’s a cute jacket though and packs down small so you can throw it in your bag, or, if you want to remove it while biking, it’s easy to shove it somewhere.

  3. I love that you are biking so much! I just think Divvy is such a neat initiative – I get a kick out of hearing that people are using it 🙂

    And so happy you had a pain free run. I hope that trend continues!

    1. I’m really loving Divvy right now! Obviously!! It’s just so convenient! I was biking to work this morning and there were so many other bike commuters out and I was like, it’s a bike party! I really wanted to snap a pic but that’s not safe, even at an intersection.

  4. I’m like thisclose to getting a divvy membership. Everytime you post about it, it makes me think about buying it. Seems super convienient and kinda fun 😉

    Also, so happy to hear you were pain free for your run! That’s great news!!!

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