Three [Divvy] Things Thursday

I’d like to pretend this was planned, but it was a coincidence that May is Nation Bike Month, May 12-16 is Bike to Work Week, and tomorrow [May 16] is Bike to Work Day

I mentioned in my last post that my knee has been giving me trouble, so I’m taking time off from running this week. To make up for that lack of cardio, I’ve been trying to embrace the bike commute! Thanks to my Divvy membership, it’s been easy to do, even with this weird weather. So far this week, every day I’ve taken the L one way and Divvy the other way. It helps that I’m lucky enough to have a free fitness center at the office, with showers.  But one benefit to this running-hiatus – I’m rediscovering how much I enjoy riding a bike. Even with the city traffic and potholes, I’m finding a bike ride to be much more pleasant than being crammed on a slow L train during rush hour. Plus, biking to work right now takes roughly the same amount of time for me as public transit, AND I get in a workout. Win win. (I just checked, and the Divvy Groupon deal is currently available if you’ve been thinking about it.)


No one asked me to share this, but Divvy is looking for women who bike (via Divvy or otherwise).

No one asked me to share this either, but Po Campo is doing a Kickstarter to launch their new “bike share” bag, which is specifically designed to work well on Divvy bikes, but could work well on other bikes or on your shoulder. They’ve already reached their fundraising goal, so if you donate, you’ll get your swag. I have never used their bags, but I wanted a better bike commute bag, and was already eyeing their stuff. They also partner with World Bicycle Relief, so that’s cool.


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