Training, May 5-11

Monday: Stationary bike, 40 minutes

Tuesday: Pilates Megaformer at Body R+D, 50 minutes; Bike home 1.5mi

Wednesday: Ran 3mi in 29min, 9:41 pace

Thursday: Rest (Painting Party)

Friday: Bike commute home, 5mi in 37min, 8mph

Saturday: Ran 5mi in 53 min, 10:37 pace

Sunday: Rest / brunch / visiting family

Total Run Miles: 8
Total Bike Miles: 9.5
Total Time All: 3hr, 40min

I think this is the first time since I was a teenager that I biked more miles than I ran. I tried to take it sort of easy to rest my knee. It felt fine during my run on Wednesday, but the previous time it took a few miles before it started bothering me.

On Saturday, my goal was to do as many miles as I could pain-free, but I knew the pain started around mile 4 the previous week, so my plan was to do 2 or so miles before turning around (I parked and ran on the Lakefront Trail), and keep going if I felt fine when I got to my car. I stopped at a water fountain at about 3.25mi … and felt pain when I started running again. So when I got back to my car, I had to call it quits. I was bummed. My knee hurt a little bit that evening when I walked down stairs (which I did a few times, since we live on the second floor of our building, and also took the L that evening).

So this week, the plan is no running. Maybe I’ll do 3 miles this Saturday at the DetermiNation kick-off event. But that’s it. But, I am attempting more bike commuting, so I’ll still get in some cardio. (AND it’s a time saver.)

20140512-102350.jpg 14131766604_de630991dc_z

Left: Hair Barometer – it was humid. Bangs were outta control. Right: Boats going past my office. 


Sign of spring: Baby bunnies

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