Last night was my fundraiser at Bottle & Bottega South Loop. Despite my earlier stress, it was a success!


LET’S DO THIS!! We were all eager to see what Kelsey would create. Anne was eager to drink more wine.


Kelsey and Bethany hard at work. Anne’s painting (left) and mine in the foreground.


I caught you texting.


Genevieve had a good time!


My finished masterpiece


Thirsty Thursday


The whole group


The moment you’ve all been waiting for … Kelsey’s masterpiece. I really think she should sell this back to B&B, so they can recreate it in future classes.

So, thank you to everyone who came! Everyone seemed to have a good time (and liked their art) and I actually ended up making a little bit of money for the ACS – I’m donating my deposit, so I ended up making about what I expected (~$10 per person).

Weren’t able to attend? I’m doing a raffle later this month for Swirlgear, and Anne and I are co-hosting a fundraiser at Revolution Brewery in July. Or you can make a direct donation